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Dana gets a scolding from ESPN

Mary Buckheit from ESPN interviewed Dana White about the whole fag thing (and honestly, I’m as sick of writing ‘fag’ as you probably are of reading it, but I’m not going to be retarded and call it the ‘starts with f and ends with t’ word). Actually, let me rephrase the interview part. This is less of an interview and more of a stern lecture you’d get in a principal’s office:

But you did, because you used a word that is either used to demean gay men, or emasculate and thereby embarrass straight guys because locker-room culture can’t get away from the polarizing effect of effeminacy. I know you well enough to know that you weren’t thinking of that when you dropped the f-word, but you can’t say that word.

I know. I know that now. I should have used another word.

Personally, I think words are just words. They have the power we give them, which makes some very powerful. People either love you or hate you, Dana, all because of the words you’re so unafraid to throw around. You’re not filtered like the other commissioners. But your video blog is so popular and so visible, especially to that magic young demo. I worry teenage Dana-disciples now think it’s OK to call somebody the f-word because you did it.

I know. [Pause] I know, and that’s what I don’t want.

You yourself talk about you in Southie as an idiot kid. You know boys and so many others are glued to your every move.

I know. And you know what? The thing that sucks is that video rant, the feedback I got was not negative. It was overwhelmingly positive from our fans. It was, “Yeah, you go, Dana. You’re the man.”

At the end of the day, the worst thing for me is that I don’t want anybody thinking that it’s cool to say that word, especially now that I know the word f—– is as powerful as the n-word. I don’t want these kids out there watching me and thinking it’s cool. I don’t want that.

How many times has your mom railed on you while you’re stuck saying “I know. I know. I know. I know.” over and over again?

Honestly, the ‘fag’ part was dumb but not the main issue for me. I’m surprised that Mary didn’t bring up the whole “calling a female reporter a bitch because you disagree with her work” thing, considering she’s part of the no-penis club.