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Dana gives a little push for action

“You should see the emails I get. ‘You scumbag. You’re just like Don King.’ I get literally hundreds of them. It’s crazy, but that’s what people think. People think we pick (fighters) to win or lose and tell the commissions to do it. It couldn’t be further from the truth. I don’t know what to say. If everyone wants to call the (Nevada State) Athletic Commission and talk to (executive director) Keith Kizer – he’s the guy you have to ask questions to, not me. … The reality is you guys have to call Keith Kizer. Call Keith Kizer and asked him what we can to do to fix this judging and scoring. These athletic commissions need to start looking at this and figuring out what they’re going to do. It’s wrong.”

-Dana White upgrades his standard shitty judging response from “What can you do?” to “Here’s what you could maybe do.” Now I’m wondering if ‘you’ means ‘the fans’ or ‘you’ being the MMA media. I’m not gonna act like the sky is falling or anything, but it’s pretty clear now that the 10 point must system sucks giant logs of turd when applied to three and five round fights.

(via MMA Junkie)