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Dana day

Dana’s out in LA doing a frantic jig to raise attention for UFC 104, and there’s just a huge shitload of videos floating around from yesterday’s press conference where he talks about all sorts of stuff.

The above video from MMA Fanhouse has two pretty interesting tidbits: first, the promise of super awesome news that will change MMA forever. Dana loves to dangle this kinda thing and this seems like the return of some big shit he was teasing us with back in July. I’m thinking TV deal but I guess we’ll find out when we find out.

Also, a new talking point from Dana: that Scott Coker is a puppet of Showtime (who are ‘idiots’, but that part isn’t new):

“If you really think Scott Coker is really running Strikeforce, you’re crazy, he’s not. The knuckleheads at Showtime are, okay. What has Showtime ever done well? Have they done anything well? They’ve been second rate to HBO boxing, they’ve been second rate in programming to HBO. They’ve never done anything great, so don’t expect any great things out of them anytime soon.”

It’s not like the comment is especially true, but Showtime has interfered enough over the past few months that it’s easy enough to believe. More Dana White interview videos after the jump or you can read a bunch of his comments right here.