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Dana calls for all commissions to investigate StandGate

With UFC 89 this weekend, Dana White is back in full-on promotion mode. Well, almost … no video blogging, which is too bad because I’d love to see how things are done in England. But White is doing the media rounds, and of course StandGate comes up. And while we may all have had a laugh over Dana’s video comments from the weekend, you can tell from this that the UFC is taking this situation very seriously:

“That sport is kick-boxing, not MMA,” White said. “What makes MMA so exciting is that anyone can win on any given day. Even a guy who’s losing badly can pull a submission out … and win. That’s what’s been going on in my sport for nine years, and it’s why I love it.

“These guys are selling the sport because it’s popular, but now they’re trying to change the rules. … If you think wrestling and jiu-jitsu is boring, you’re in the wrong … business, brother.”

White proceeded to say Petruzelli’s comments, which were later amended to say he was only referring to a knockout bonus he earned, deserve a criminal investigation, and a formal inquiry in all states where Elite XC has staged fights. White said if Florida requires a formal complaint to amplify its current probe, he will “look into” making one himself.

“This is illegal, these guys should go to jail for that,” White said. “You could bet on this fight in Vegas. It’s no secret Kimbo stinks on the ground. It’s no secret Petruzelli should take him to the ground. But what you didn’t know is that the scumbag promoter had told him not to.

“If this happened in Nevada, or if it happened with me, the FBI would be investigating it. If this thing does not get investigated properly, it’s the biggest slap in the face to sports.”

We mentioned before that the UFC has the connections to make things very difficult for EliteXC over the next few months. They’ve never been shy about using their lawyers on people, so if there’s a way they can pressure athletic commissions into investigating this and past events, you better believe they’re doing it.