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Dana and Lorenzo on Off the Record

No trip to Canada would be complete for the UFC without an appearance on Off the Record with Michael Landsberg. You can watch the two videos here and here. The fun thing about these interviews is Landsberg loves poking and prodding at Dana White, although it is kinda too bad that he’ll ask questions with teeth but be perfectly satisfied when he’s given a bogus parry of an answer. Still, in 10 minutes he:

  • kept bringing up the small size of Dana’s stake in the UFC compared to Lorenzo’s
  • asked if they were pushing for MMA regulation or UFC regulation
  • mentioned Dana’s boxercise past twice
  • asked about PRIDE / yakuza problems
  • brought up ESPN questioning the UFC’s ability to go mainstream with Dana White at the head
  • asked Lorenzo what he thought about Dana’s faggot / bitch incident.

That’s some nice pot-stirring right there.

(Bonus stirrage: another Dana / Landsberg interview from the past)