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Dana and Joe Rogan on Opie & Anthony

Great 40 minute interview with Dana White and Joe Rogan, shooting the shit with Opie & Anthony about all sorts of stuff. Just thought you guys might like it. Here’s some of the topics:

  • How Joe Rogan got his job
  • More Fedor stuff
  • Why Josh Barnett and Dana have beef
  • How Tito and Dana sorted out their beef
  • Joe talks about Mark Coleman’s headbutting days
  • Dana White confirms he’s going to base jump off the Mandalay Bay
  • Kimbo Slice on TUF and the EliteXC meltdown
  • Dana confronting Brock about the Bud diss
  • Diego Sanchez’s “YES!” entrances
  • Abu Dhabi
  • MMA vs boxing
  • 2 minutes of UFC 101 related talk

Dana is generally hyperbole free this time and it’s a really informative interview. Plus Joe keeps it interesting from start to finish. Download the show here.