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Dana accidentally tweets his digits


UFC president Dana White managed to accidentally tweet his direct office phone number last night as he attempted to send a private message to a fan regarding a UFC-related birthday treat.

White was attempting to arrange a tour of the TUF facility and UFC gym in Las Vegas for the fan and her boyfriend, who were heading to Las Vegas to celebrate her birthday. But he got it wrong and sent the message as a open tweet that could be read by any of his 1,127,759 follower.

A flurry of calls followed, as the number was endlessly retweeted and posted on various MMA forums. One message board user who rang the number very soon after it was posted reported having a “very confused sound[ing]” male answer the phone, who turned out to be Dana White.

I’m not going to re-post the number because a) it’s not exactly hard to find and b) I still live in perpetual pant-wetting fear that Dana will one day learn of our existence and send his team of rabid lawyers to annihilate us somehow. Ah screw it. Blame WatchKalibRun!