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Dan Severn’s fixed fights and weak opponents

Dan Severn won another fight this weekend, moving the 51 year old’s record to 93-17-7. Sherdog has the details on his continued success in the cage:

Severn has won 22 of his last 25 fights. The 52-year-old Coldwater, Mich., native now has 93 professional victories on his resume, and more than half of them have come since he turned 50. Severn was inducted into the UFC hall of fame on April 16, 2005.

I was all set to be really impressed until I took a closer look at the guys he was beating … the combined record of his past 5 opponents was 7-8. Littered across that stretch of wins Sherdog talks about is several TUF vans full of 0-1, 1-1, and 1-3 type fighters. So Dan likes to go in and fight inexperienced newbs … I suppose in some strange backwards way I can forgive him for that since he’s a legend and old enough to get senior pricing at many restaurants and movie theaters. If he wants to trounce kids at local shows across the country for our entertainment, who are we to say boo?

But while looking for some video of his recent fights I came across the above one showing Severn clearly faking a fight with Shannon Rich back in 2005. And now I just feel kinda sad that another UFC Hall of Famer and legend of the sport turns out to be not quite as legit as I once thought he was.

  • Matthew Granahan says:

    It wasn’t a “work” per say. It’s an exhibition and Dan is carrying the guy for a couple of rounds. If it were a work it would have been much more entertaining with some real high spots. Dan could have beaten this guy at any time he wanted to. There’s a big difference between a work and carrying your opponent. In a work both guys are in on it but if I compete against a guy, like a student, that I know I can beat in a couple of minutes and play with them for a couple of rounds that’s an exhibition not a work. Knowing Dan I can tell he’s just carrying this guy.