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Dan Miller: Not fired

This isn’t exactly a feel good story, but at least it’s a feel less worse than you would if the guy had gotten fired story: Dan Miller gets to keep his UFC job, despite losing three in a row over the past year with the promotion. His totally legit excuse? One and a half dead babies.

That whole awful situation was enough to turn public support in his favor – at least when the public was allowed to know about it. While it was general knowledge within the press corps, articles on leading up to the fight didn’t mention a thing, and neither did the UFC 114 Countdown show. When Dana White was asked about Dan’s situation, he went off on a rant about how the real world sucks and that’s just how it is. These were not exactly positive signs for Miller’s future with the organization if he lost. And lose he did, dropping a decision to Michael Bisping via bad kickboxing.

But somewhere between that earlier interview and now, Dana White’s black heart must have shuddered and given a small beat because Dan’s job is safe for now despite the three fight skid. Whether that stay will give him the time to turn shit around and bounce back is another story, but at least he’ll get another chance and a little bit more distance between himself and all the horrendous stuff that life has been slapping him with lately.

(pic by Esther Lin via MMA Fighting’s UFC 114 gallery)