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Dan Miller is going through some stuff

(One of Dan Miller’s claims to fame: his guillotine from hell back in the IFL days)

My problem with UFC 114 is that there’s a lot of interesting fighters on the card but not as many interesting fights. I’m always down to see Diego Sanchez, Little Nog, and hey even Michael Bisping fight, but none of their opponents give me much of a boner. Bisping is going to be facing Dan Miller, who you might remember as the guy who was picked apart on the feet by Demian Maia of all people in his last fight. Before that, Chael Sonnen outwrestled him to a decision win. It has obviously not been a good year for him career wise. What you may not have known though is how bad things have been on the personal side too:

He and his wife, Kristen, lost their first child at birth last year. It’s an emotional ordeal from which neither parent has yet recovered.

The death of their daughter came days before Miller was scheduled to face Chael Sonnen at UFC 98 in May 2009. Miller could have pulled out of the bout but opted to fulfill his contractual obligation and provide for his grieving wife.

He gave everything he had against Sonnen but lost by unanimous decision. Nine months later, Miller would re-enter the Octagon against Demian Maia.

The fight with Maia at UFC 109 would take place a few weeks after the birth of the Miller’s second child, Daniel. While most new fathers are filled with excitement over the birth of their child, Miller’s joy has been temperate.

Daniel has not had an easy transition into this world, and he is fighting for his life.

While Daniel still has a long fight ahead, he is making progress. The family has opted not to disclose the nature of Daniel’s illness, preferring instead to say that he is very sick.

Dana had some interesting words to say about the situation while talking to Ariel Helwani … he sounded kinda defensive because of the implication that Dan Miller has had to fight through this epic life-raping stuff just to make ends meet:

“The thing about fighters is that every fighter has had to overcome some type of adversity, but in the real world … let’s be real here. I hear lots of fans talking such dumb shit sometimes oh like this guy, that guy … this is the real world, man. In the real world nobody waits for you, nobody babies you, nobody takes care of you. If you [implying interviewer Ariel Helwani] got some problems in your life, does Versus or AOL [Ariel’s employers] say “Hey Ariel, I know you’re going through some hard times. Why don’t you take the next year off. We’ll pay you, we’ll keep paying you, but go ahead.” That’s not the real world, that’s not how the world fucking works.”

“The real world is no one gives a shit, the real world is hard and you gotta get out there and you gotta overcome adversity to get where you wanna be. And he’s an incredibly talented guy and this is a huge opportunity for him and we’ll see if he can rise above everything else and … this is the stuff that incredible stories are made of. These are the kind of things that people read about years later and he inspires other people.”

Now all of a sudden I’ve got a lot more interest in seeing Dan Miller win this fight: Because the less incredible story – where Miller loses and gets cut – is pretty depressing.