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Dan Henderson’s ear will put Jon Jones on his back

You know those mind-trick images where they tell you to stare at the picture for 15 seconds and you’ll see something entirely different? Well, DO NOT do that with Dan Henderson’s ear. You may see ghastly, disturbing images that will haunt you for the rest of your days. Do, however, listen to what he has to say because Dan is about the coolest dude in the game. He pimps that ear with little regard for the horror it inflicts on others, walks out to “Lunatic Fringe,” and knocks fools out. How can you beat that?

Dan Henderson is a month away from challenging the supremacy of Jon Jones at UFC 151. If he loses, we have to watch some poor bastard who already got the shit kicked out of him by Jones get busted up again. But if he wins, we have a new champion, and new life in a division that is quickly becoming uninteresting.

Much like when some annoying bastard at work invades your personal space to speak to you and has a piece of used food desperately clinging to his way-too-long mustache hairs, and you just know if you take your eyes off of it it’s going to fly off and hit you in the face, this video shows MMAfighting’s Ariel Helwani desperately trying not to stare at Dan’s ear because if he does engage it in sight it may very well mutate into an alien birth and devour him whole.

  • ButtsexSocialism says:

    “But if he wins, we have a new champion,…”

    Aint gonna happen.

    The only way Dano beats Jones is if Jones beats Jones.

    It will still be interesting to see how Jones does it though,
    Dano doesn’t get KO’d. Guess he’ll have to choke him out.

    And then after that I hope that Jones just sits on ass in a cleared out division for the next 4 years challenging 170’s and guys in other promotions.

  • Tony says:

    I agree, Jones got this, but a girl can dream…

  • ButtsexSocialism says:

    There IS a chance that Jones might come in distracted with his recent legal troubles or even over-confident after settling in as the Champ.

    And that might be all it takes for Hendo to put a burner on him.

    I just think Hendo will need a little help from Jones to beat him,
    but it could happen.

  • frickshun says:

    You’re trying too hard.