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Dan Henderson was gonna be next for Jon Jones

If Dan Henderson sounds a bit miffed about his buddy Chael Sonnen getting a title shot against Jon Jones, it’s because it came at his expense. I had a theory that Henderson wasn’t going to just agree to give up his title shot and fight Lyoto Machida, and it looks like that was correct:

Jones injured his right arm when he was arm barred by Vitor Belfort in the first round of his Sept. 22 title defense at UFC 152 in Toronto. Doctors told White that Jones couldn’t fight again until April. White said Tuesday the plan had been for Jones to defend the belt against Dan Henderson at the company’s annual Super Bowl weekend card in February in Las Vegas.

So after that last second knee injury drama, Dana White said “Now you’re fighting fucking Lyoto Machida” and Hendo just kinda went “Eh … no.” Dan is one of the original unflappable UFC guys that isn’t going to do what Dana White wants him to just because. And as you can see in this situation, it was working out for him. Until Jon Jones decided he needed 7 months to recover from ligament strain in his elbow, that is.