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Dan Henderson, king of decisions

Tucked into the butt of an odds and ends article on Sherdog is this interesting fact about Dan Henderson:

Henderson’s 13 decision victories are the most by any of the world’s elite mixed martial artists. In fact, only eight of’s other 74 ranked fighters across eight weight classes have double-digit wins by decision: flyweights Yasuhiro Urushitani (12) and Mamoru Yamaguchi (10), featherweight Jeff Curran (10), lightweights Sean Sherk (12) and Satoru Kitaoka (11), welterweight Jake Shields (10) and middleweights Chael Sonnen (11) and Yushin Okami (10).

Being the king of decisions isn’t exactly a positive thing, but I still like Dan Henderson more than I like Sean Sherk and Yushin Okami. I always get the feeling that Sherk and Okami are perfectly happy walking away with a decision win, while with Dan Henderson it’s more because he doesn’t have many finishers in his tool box past that big right hand. Kinda the same deal with Clay Guida. They’re not ‘boring’ decision fighters. Although after a while the predictability of all their fights going to decision does start to wear on even the biggest fans.

It’s also a pretty big problem when you’re looking at a fighter’s overall skillset, but it saves Henderson the kind of vitriol and hate I have for guys like Machida (who’s quickly climbing the decision ranks with 8 decisions out of 13 fights.