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Dan Henderson talks money

Sherdog’s weekly wrapup contains some info I had apparently missed out on: the specific gripes Dan Henderson had with the UFC.

As for Henderson, who signed a four-fight deal with Strikeforce, he also opened up about his contractual dealings to The Los Angeles Times. He told the paper he “never saw” a $25,000 check for personal appearances UFC brass promised him, and that the moving of his fight with Michael Bisping from one of the main event slots at UFC 100 cut him out of pay-per-view revenue and “probably cost me $1 million.” Henderson asked for an increase in his cut of pay-per-view revenue in UFC contract talks; a rematch with Anderson Silva and a cut of UFC video game sales featuring his likeness were on the table. Henderson said he received a $650 weekly coaching stipend for coaching on “The Ultimate Fighter” reality show.

The video game situation is a pretty raw deal for everyone and I’m amazed the UFC manages to get anyone to coach on TUF for that little, regardless of the exposure. Extras get paid better than that, for fuck’s sake.

The fun thing about people talking money (and the reason Dana White hates it so much) is you can figure out some ballpark numbers by working backwards. Dan said getting cut out of UFC 100 pay per view money cost him a million bucks. In theory, that places his average PPV cut at around 60 cents a buy. Compare that to Randy Couture, who’s starting buyrate cut back when he was feeling ‘disrespected’ was $1 per show and went up to $3 above 330,000 buys and you might start to realize why Dan Henderson thought he was underpaid. Of course Dan Henderson isn’t Randy Couture, as Strikeforce learned last weekend. And I still think he’s dumb for jumping ship. But at least I can see where he’s coming from now.