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Dan Henderson next in line for a beating

One of the secrets that slipped out during UFC 78 was the fact that Dan Henderson would be fighting Anderson Silva for the middleweight title in Ohio on March 1st. This is great news for me because the Fightlinker crew as a general rule never misses the Ohio shows, and I loves me an Anderson Silva ass-whupping.

Also good to note is that both Dana White and Dan Henderson were smart enough to do what needed to be done: Dana ponied up a mountain of cash for Hendo and Sokoudjou, and Dan Henderson dropped back down to middleweight where he was needed most. With Hendo-Silva set for March, that gives the UFC 6 months to sober Evan Tanner up or develop another middleweight to the point where it wouldn’t be a joke for them to face the Spider.

Of course, let’s not forget Rich Franklin, who should be due for another Anderson induced rhinoplasty by the end of 2008. All of a sudden the MW title picture that looked so grim a few days ago is starting to shape up! Let’s just cross our fingers and hope Dan doesn’t suddenly get a mysterious knee injury while training.

  • Gruntled says:

    If Anderson wins, UFC should hire full-time English tutor for him. This guy could be a bigger star than Liddell but he needs to learn the freaking language.

  • Teufel says:

    I like the match-up. Should be a war.

  • MJC_123 says:

    Hoping Henderson can make this one competitive at the very least. If not and Silva walks through yet another opponent its time for an open-weight tournament pride-stylee…..(as if but it would be cool!)

  • Well, at least we’ll get to see Silva’s guard tested for a couple of rounds when he fights Hendo.

  • Ason says:

    Fuck that
    Let Americans learn Portuguese.

  • Xavier says:

    I thought Anderson’s attempt a broken english in his post-fight second win over Franklin was more endearing than if he actually knew the language to begin with.

  • Ason says:

    I love…..I love to make for you fight!

  • Thomas says:

    Anderson will have a huge target on that HUGE chin of Henderson

  • Ted Dibaise says:

    wow. the guy went 5 rds with rampage and youre counting him out vs anderson silva? lmao. YOU ARE STUPID

  • Xavier says:

    If Rampage dropped down to middleweight, Anderson Silva would make the beatings Jackson got from the Chute Box guys look like fun. Silva would beat his ass, take his chain and then do a fancy little dance afterwards.

  • Mobb Deep says:

    I’ll believe this story when it happens. I don’t trust Hendo one bit. But, if Hendo does actually fight Silva that would be awesome and I think a close one. Hendo is one tough cowboy and ain’t gonna just roll over from a couple of atomic knees like Franklin did. That guy can take a serious beating and I think will push Silva to the limit.

  • DannyP says:

    I pick Hendo all the way. The dude has never been knocked out and only lost by sub the the nog brothers. He’ll beat Anderson down in 3 rounds mark my words

  • Thomas says:

    The Anderson Silva Bandwagon is full…

  • marshal says:

    Is this the weight class to “unify” his other Ex-Pride belt?

  • BigFern says:

    Gruntled…you’re a fukin douche….he shouldnt have to learn shit. he’s a great fighter and REAL fans will appreciate that….not corn bread hill billies like you. I swear American fans (not all but the morons that show up to the shows and boo) have a long ways to go when it comes to MMA. Hate to say it, but was very evident when Pride was around, that Jap fans are way more educated about the sport and can appreciate its intricacies. So Grtunled, Silva shouldnt have to learn English to earn the allegiance of your sorry ass

  • BigFern says:

    fightlicker…i usually agree with you….but you’re way off on Hendo….he’s a bad mother fucker. It’s going to be a great fight against Silva. Didnt have the greatest showing with Rampage….buthe’s still a bad man

  • BigFern : Dan definately is a bad dude. But no one is badder than Anderson

  • Vee says:

    I just can’t wait to see them trade blows, at least this match-up will go beyond 1.5 rounds. Henderson is definitely tough and can take a punch or two.
    Can Hendo knock out Anderson Silva?
    Can he sub Anderson?
    Or what’s going to happen if Anderson rolls through Henderson in 1-2 rounds?

  • Maybe Matt Serra needs to move up in weight to upset him 😉

  • stellar53 says:

    What, I get no love for the information?

  • Frank Costello says:

    Wow, is Anderson Silva a fighter or a newspaper editor? Oh yeah, a fighter… so he gets paid to use his fists, not his mouth.

    Hell, Mike Tyson knew English and you could argue that his image was hurt whenever he spoke. Who cares if Anderson speaks Portuguese – people too ethnocentric to realize there’s a whole crapload of land outside of America’s borders, that’s who.

  • kentyman says:

    Frank Caliendo and friends:

    He doesn’t have to learn English. The point is, he’s a champion in a country full of English speakers, and would be more marketable to them if he spoke the same language. Can you really not admit that?

    Of course, no one will answer ’cause this post is 11 days old. Goddammit, I’m never gonna catch up on my Fightlinker reading.

  • Tim says:

    Henderson will show that air-guitar playing street mo-fo what wrestling is all about. I hope Hendo holds Silva on the ground, just to show him that he can.

    Of all the big matches coming up, GSP-Hughes, Lesnar-Mir, Liddell-Silva, THIS one is the absolute easiest to predict.

    Hendo by GNP, round 1.

  • shaun says:

    dan henderson will fuck anderson up . fuck u, if you dont think so u fuckin pussys! do your homework

  • Big Ken says:

    Anderson will fucking demolish Dan Henderson. It wont go past the first round. And fuck anyone who thinks different.