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Dan Henderson is dumb, wants to lose more fights

We talked about this on the last radio show we did: PRIDE guys need to learn how to cut weight. Everyone’s blaming PRIDE as an organization for making all their fighters seem larger than life. It’s a fun idea, but that argument doesn’t hold up to scrutiny. What’s more realistic is the idea that former PRIDE fighters are finding themselves facing guys who are cutting 20+ pounds to squeak into their weight division. Wanderlei Silva, Mauricio Rua, Mirko Crocop, all these guys are small for their weight classes compared to the guys in the UFC. And lets not forget Dan Henderson:

Henderson, who lost a title unification bout with UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Quinton Jackson earlier this month, indicated he could be ready for a return to the Octagon by November. Though UFC officials are said to be encouraging the former Olympian to move down to the promotion’s 185-pound division, Henderson indicated he would like to remain at light heavyweight.

I have no idea what the fuck is going on in Dan Henderson’s head. He’s not a brute strength kind of guy, so why is he so against giving up weight training and returning to middleweight? If Dan stays at light heavyweight, he’s going to continue to be out-muscled by guys who are bigger than him. Why be a small light heavyweight when you can be a big middleweight?

Never mind the fact that the UFC’s middleweight division is looking thinner than an Ethiopian refugee at the moment. After UFC77 in October, there’ll be literally no one else the UFC can legitimately feed to Anderson Silva. Dan Henderson doesn’t really fit that well into the current LHW division, but he’s got a spot up at the top at middleweight if he’ll just agree to take it.

This is just one of those cases where hubris plays too much of a part in a person’s decision making process. There’s really no logical reason for Henderson to stay at 205. Unless of course he’s a masochist and likes being dominated.

  • Luke says:

    “He’s not a brute strength kind of guy, so why is he so against giving up weight training and returning to middleweight?”

    Huh? The guy is insanely strong. And what do all of his 205lbs opponents say after sparring or fighting him? That he’s one of the strongest people they’ve ever seen.

  • Tommy says:

    Doesn’t Dan have to defend his middle-weight belt? Him and Silva would be fun to watch. I love to fight and if I was Rich I’d have to phone in this one myself. Maybe if Rich can get him to the ground. Maybe but I wouldn’t bet My nose on it.

  • Tommy says:

    Hubris…Now Dans smoking weed too? No wonder he’s so confident and prideful.

  • Brute strength should probably be brute force … I’m saying that Henderson is more of a skilled tactician than a brute force kind of guy. Not to imply he’s not strong.

  • garth says:

    Why do Pride belts count for anything? That’s like telling someone they have to suit up to defend their XFL championship.

  • Tommy says:

    Prides not completely dead yet. The UFC is active on the Pride website. It may be for nothing more then another outlet but maybe hopefully something good can come out of the merger other then less competition for the UFC.

  • steve24 says:

    I guess it’s being reported that Henderson is going to face Tito in NJ in Nov. As if the card couldn’t look any more like a Fight Night card, now the main event is going to be a wrestling match. Atleast Rashad would have chosen to stand and bang.

  • Rollo the Cat says:

    Henderson v Tito would redeem UFC 78 and make it worth buying tickets for or buying the PPV. Tito v Rashad II was horrible. Now we have a real main event plus a great co main event in Edgar v Fisher as well as an interesting fight between Karo and Lombard.

    Keep in mind that the TAGG guys reported this as a rumor only.

  • steve24 says:

    Rollo the Cat: If you think Henderson vs Tito would redeem the UFC 78 card and make it worth while buying tickets, save your money. I just went to UFC 76 and had $300 tickets. We were pretty damn close to the cage. Whenever the fight went to the ground, we had to watch it on the big screen. Henderson and Tito will go straight to the ground, so save your money and buy the PPV.

  • steve24 says:

    If the rumors do happen to be true, how said is it that Tito is on the main card when he hasn’t done shit in 2 years.

  • steve24 says:

    #10 correction. How SAD is it that Tito is on the main card when he hasn’t done shit in 2 years.

  • kermit_01 says:

    With the Middle weight division so thin I was surprised when I first heard this season of TUF was another group of welterweights. It seems it would have made more since to beef up Middleweight rather than add fighters to the already deep Welterweight division.

  • marshal says:

    1. I wouldn’t want to unify my belt to silva, keep the mystique.
    2. I think he should move to heavyweight and live at McDonalds with Heath Herring.

  • hbdale309 says:

    Come on! Danny wants the high profile fights. He wants the PPV money. Plus he can beat guys at 205! Hell, he beat Wand, Vitor, Babalu, Yvel and Big Nog; if he had been in better shape, he would’ve beaten Rampage.

    Gimme a break, Danny would be stupid to go down and fight guys like Marquardt and the rest of the ‘no names’ at 185. The fellas at 185 have just as a good a chance to beat Hendo as the guys at 205 w/ the sport being so unpredictable nowadays. QJ is a huge 205er and Dan out-muscled him until he ran out of steam in the 3rd. Fix that mistake and your golden.

    If you’re gonna lose to somebody – make sure you’re fighting the best at 205 – it’s a win-win versus a lose-lose at 185. He does not get motivated at middleweight; he let Misaki beat him for the love of Mike!

  • Mr. Theplague says:

    The point made on low blow was that really none of the guys in PRIDE cut weight. So he would have been competitive with them at 205, but not so much the guys in the UFC. And Hendo vs. Franklin would make my dick hard.

  • Kalak says:

    I think Henderson could be very competitive at LHW.

    He didn´t lose to Rampage because of his size, but rather because he didn´t want to win badly enough on the night.
    It was clear from the moment he stepped into the octagon. The guy just looked so damn happy, in his mind life was good and he didn´t really need to win a darned MMA fight. You could se how much he liked Rampage, smiling like he´d just met a dear old friend, and didn´t look like someone who was about to do his best to hurt another man.

    If he shows up with murder on his mind the next time he fights, he´s going to win and his size won´t be an issue.

  • Thomas says:

    For some reason Dan thinks that if he fights at 205 he’ll get paid better.

  • Thorazine says:

    hbdale309 on 29 Sep 2007 at 4:14 am14hbdale309
    hddale, you may be the only smart guy here… lets not forget how hard it is to cut 20lbs, that is a huge cut for Henderson… if it was 195lbs or maybe even 190lbs I’d give him some crap… unless you’ve done it, you have no idea what it’s like to cut that last 5lbs when nothings left to cut, especially at the jolly old age of 37 yrs.
    Plus, the dummy’s don’t know the caliber of fighters he’s beating at 205lbs.

  • He’s been hitting 185 for years. Never mind the fact that he’s not gonna cut from his current weight, he’ll change his workout to drop in size to make the cut easier. That’s kinda how it works.

  • kentyman says:

    Here’s been hitting 183 for years.

    That’s not a correction; that’s a supporting argument.

  • Thorazine says:

    Sure he would change his workout among other things, but it’s not just a casual thing…. I’m not even saying he can’t make the weight, but it’s a BRUTAL weight drop and he’s already fairly lean at 205lbs. He’s a former wrestler and has been cutting weight since god knows how long ago, it never gets easier only harder as the years go on. It’s physically and mentally wearing. Even Randy C. most of his career has been heavyweight,,, he wasn’t worn out by the continual weight cutting and the bigger a guy is the easier it is to drop 20lbs.

    If Henderson proves he can’t handle it at 205lbs, then for the sake of his career, make the cut… until then give 205lbs a go, the 185lb weight class isn’t going anywhere, and he’ll be a great addition to it if the time comes.