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Dan Henderson calls the UK an MMA ghetto (sorta)

Here’s Dan Henderson saying as charitably as possible that he thinks UK fighters are still way way behind American fighters:

Henderson, who has fought all over the world in his near-12-year career, believes that the U.S. is still ahead of the U.K. in the overall development of the MMA talent pool. But Henderson knows personality also factors into the selection of cast members for “The Ultimate Fighter” almost as much as their overall skill set.

“They are getting better as a country in MMA,” Henderson said. “They’re slowly getting better as a country. They’re behind us a little bit.

“And the show hasn’t always been about the best fighters. It’s about which guys are going to make the show better or more exciting. There will be a challenge in that way. We’re not going to have the best U.S. guys out there.”

Hear that, UK? You still have a chance because the US team will probably be dumbed down to make things a bit more fair! The above statement is just one of many reasons why Dan Henderson should be the coach of the US team, win or lose. He actually WANTS to coach it, has a future at 185 pounds, and he’s a raging doink who’ll really sell the US vs UK slant of the show. Because that’s just how his brain is wired from years of Olympic rah-rah.