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Dan Hardy knows why he got his shot

Normally when people talk shit about a fighter perhaps not earning their title shot, the fighter in question gets all in a huff, pounds his chest, and declares himself the most deserving motherfucker in the division. Not Dan Hardy, who recognizes his title shot as the result of a good timing and a lack of contenders:

“I understand that people are a little irked and a little surprised that I’m getting a title shot, but at the end of the day who is left? Georges St. Pierre has done a good job of clearing out the division,” Hardy said, adding that two of the other top contenders have already lost to St. Pierre. “The two top guys around are (Jon) Fitch and (Thiago) Alves, and they need a couple wins before they get back to a title shot. You don’t want to see the same guys fighting for a title over and over again.”

Hardy can also thank Mike Swick for fumbling his second shot at number one contendership. He basically swooped in and intercepted that shit from him, didn’t he?