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Damn you, Vegas!

Joe Silva has been a busy little monkey lately, booking up all the big fights for UFC 96, 97, and 98. When it comes to cards, Ohio’s UFC 96 definitely loses out with Quinton Jackson vs Keith Jardine heading their card. Still, Ohio events are always a good time and we’ll be making the trip down with the MMA Training and CrashMMA crew. So if you’re in the Toronto region and want to spend 10 hours on a bus with the smelly Fightlinker guys, check this shit out. They’re also doing a bus up for the Montreal UFC, which is a great way for you jackals to come to us without having to deal with our odor.

I’m not about to dismiss Montreal’s Anderson Silva vs Victim and Chuck vs Shogun fights, but the real winners of the main event game are those who can make it to Vegas for UFC 98. They don’t only get Brock Lesnar vs Frank Mir, but Matt Hughes vs Matt Serra to boot. We’d been hearing about both fights for about a week but Brock just updated his Facebook to confirm things (yep, even Brock is on Facebook now, so what’s your excuse?) so I’d expect a UFC press release about that any time now.

So make sure to enjoy the next 10 days of MMA filet mignon. While this spring is looking like it’s gonna be stacked with solid events and lots of fun, the superfight gravy train is taking a break after GSP vs BJ.