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Daily Wrapup January 25th 2008

(Jarry Park brought back Arianny Celeste for another interview. Proving that MMA fans are complete morons, the first Arianny interview was the most listened to interview in the site’s history.)

Oh it’s the weekend, which means we got a little bit of fight action tonight. It was nice to lay back on the couch and veg while watching the ShoXC event … it was pretty damned good from start to finish. Both Paul Daley and Eddie Alvarez layed the smack down, and so did Kala Kolohe (although it’d be a shame if they stuck him against Robbie Lawler like they keep trying to … dude’s just not ready). Past that here’s what else went on today that was too damn boring to bother covering in full:

UFC shooting for June Network deal
When the UFC says they’re working to try and land a network deal for their June UFC UK event, you gotta take that with a grain of salt. After all, the UFC’s original plan when they first hit the UK was to show all those events on HBO. And that worked out just great, didn’t it?

Boxing can still pull numbers
Jones vs Trinidad proves that boxing can still pull some decent PPV numbers without the name De La Hoya on the poster. The show, which was widely panned by many as being several years too late, pulled an estimated 500k PPV buys.

Patrick Cote is dumb
That fucker pissed me off after beating McFedries by making the belt motion across his chest like he’s even earned a permanent spot on the UFC’s roster or some shit. Now he’s talking about wanting a crack at Anderson Silva. Talk about trying to run before being able to walk.

Randy Couture to star in another stinker
As if the prospect of stinking it up in The Scorpion King 2 wasn’t enough, Randy Couture will also be featured in a movie based on the uber-lame comic book character Mandrake the Magician.

Ricco Rodriguez shit talks Kimbo
It’s ironic that all the shit talking Ricco does about Kimbo not being worth fighting only makes it more likely that Ricco will be the next guy Kimbo faces. Perhaps that’s the whole point behind Ricco doing the shit talking. Or maybe he’s just a big dumb coke head. Hmmm. Hmmm. Hmmmmmmmmm.

Smackgirl stuff
Smackgirl’s got a new website and an event coming up in the middle of February. Roxanne Modafferi says she might be fighting in the middle of February. Hopefully these two facts are connected.

Captain Obvious: Hughes wants Serra
Wow, big surprise here. Matt Hughes wants a shot at Serrra once GSP is done with him. Big question is if there will be enough of Matt Serra left after St Pierre destroys him.

The IFL pays better than the UFC
Oh, ain’t it great when a rinky-dink promotion like the IFL is paying fighters more than the UFC? And don’t tell me that’s why the IFL is losing money. The IFL is losing money because they’re retards.

Kim Couture talks smoker, how she met Randy
Goddamn I hate Kim Couture, she’s the Yoko Ono of mixed martial arts. That is all.

Oh yeah, the Sylvia-Nog fight
Dave Meltzer points out that there’s apparently going to be another fight at UFC81 for the interim heavyweight belt. First I’ve heard of it.

The whole Bob Sapp
Here’s a good interview covering the history of Bob Sapp for those of you who give a shit.

  • Tanner says:

    damn Yoko damn her!

  • koolpaw says:

    There are other events on same week Roxy has mentioned.

    I think She will make debut as a DIVA of WWE !!!

    Japanese clothing company United Arrows will provide her nice school teacher costumes and cool glasses. oh?

  • Dukes says:

    Re: Cote-
    Let’s not forget that he took a fight w/ Tito Ortiz at LHW on very, very short notice, rocked him in the 1st and hung tight for the rest of the fight with a very good showing.
    He lost to Doerkson in the 3rd, and had a very controversial split decision vs. Leben.
    I think he’s one of the sleepers out there who, with continued professional level coaching (not just ‘training with friends’), could make an impact in the division.
    I was hoping they would put Evan Tanner vs. Cote for his return fight.

  • Linker, you need to do a blog on all the fucked up shit Ricco admitted to doing on Celeb. Rehab. First domestic violence with his girlfirend. Theres that little thing about the coke and all, and apparently he’s also addicted to valum and pot too. There’s the DUI accident were he was driving, thought his girlfriend was dead so he dragged her body into the drivers seat. Ya she thankfully wasn’t, but still covered for him, he apparently got out of it because “the lawyers took care of it”. But the domestic violence incident lead to Child services taking his son into custody, which seems to be the reason why he went on the show to try and get him back. Although in therapy he still insists hes “a good father”. And the most interesting thing was that apparently all his troubles started with sexual abuse when he was a child. Crazy shit. I had no idea his troubles were quit so big.