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Daily Wrapup January 22nd

(Oldschool Rachelle Leah pic from They don’t make ring girls like her any more

Hope you guys are digging the new wrapup. As I said, it’s an attempt to make sure you don’t miss any big news because I wasn’t able to incorporate enough piss and fart jokes into it. So here we go!

Bob Sapp wants Fedor
I doubt this will happen any time soon but you better believe there’s gonna be interest from Japan, where Fedor fighting the biggest / fattest / tallest fighter has become an annual tradition.

Nate Diaz is sick of Manny’s smack
It doesn’t take much to push a Diaz boy’s buttons, so obviously after being asked 20 times about Manny getting a rematch, Nate Diaz is gonna say “Bring it on bitches, lets do this shit.” Also worth noting is Nick wants to fight as many times a year as possible. True warrior spirit, this kid. I just hope he doesn’t land the same shitty staph luck as his brother down the road.

PFC Champ Shawn Bias 0-1 vs Police
You better believe I was shitting my pants when I read the headline on Sherdog: Bias in Coma, Clinging to Life. And once I read a bit more, I felt extremely guilty for breathing a sigh of relief that the guy wasn’t half dead on account of cagefighting. Regardless, death obviously sucks balls and we are totally not down with it. Here’s hoping Bias recovers.

Amanda Buckner told to sex things up
Amanda Buckner was basically asked by EliteXC to grow out her dyke hair and put on some freaking makeup, for God’s sake. And while I’d still give Bodog the win on sleaze factor, at least they were willing to promote female fighters who weren’t smoking hot. Of course, perhaps that is why they failed?

Misaki vs Akiyama ruled a no contest
So it looks like that kick WAS illegal. Or not … you know, I’d feel a little better about this if they weren’t just doing it to set up a rematch. On the other hand, I wants me a rematch. I’m still waiting for Misaki to get his karmic comeuppance for winning the Bushido tournament even though he lost during it.

Koscheck given some guy named Dustin to fight
Dustin Hazlett is just one of those guys who seems so bland and uninteresting that I have no idea who he is, who he fought, how he did, et cetera et cetera. And I’m kinda a big fan. Anyhow, he’s now fighting Josh Koscheck, and even the guys at MMAJunkie are basically saying “This is a dangerous fight for Koscheck because losing to someone as faceless and unknown as Dustin Whatever would make him look like a pretty big bitch.”

Jon Fitch vs Chris Wilson
Continuing the trend of favor bookings Dana White seems to be making to pay Dan Henderson for moving to middleweight, Team Quest fighter Chris Wilson will be filling in for Akihiro Gono at UFC 82. The guy’s 13-3 and fought for the IFL and Bodogfight. So i guess he’s okay maybe. Or maybe not. I should really youtube him or something. But it’s 12:30 and I’m sleepy.

Mark Coleman to the UFC Hall of Fame
So yeah, Mark Coleman might be getting into the Hall of Fame at UFC82. Everyone keeps saying Coleman is the ‘inventor of ground and pound’. I wish they’d give him credit as being the guy who invented ‘ground and headbutt the fuck out of your opponent’. Seriously, the guy only invented g’n’p after they made headbutts illegal. No word yet on how long till the UFC pisses off Coleman like they have all the other Hall of Fame members.

  • godzillad says:

    If Fitch tries to stand with Wilson, he’s gonna get fucked up.

  • Asa says:

    That Buckner ish is infuriating.

  • Geoffr0y says:

    It Appears they pulled that Amanda Buckner article off bloody elbow. I didn’t read it yet but does anyone wanna guess at why?

  • Xavier says:

    EliteXC legal threat? Skala kicking Luke Thomas’s ass?

    C’mon, I need more drama.

  • Xavier says:

    And fuck Diaz.

    “He’ll also need to get that operation so he can’t use that as an excuse again.”

    Yeah, Manny was only dominating the fight up until that point. Nick and Nate are such complete retards.

  • danaunclefesterwhite says:

    That sucks what happened to Bias. Cops are bloody pigs. They’re taser-happy these days. They killed a 40 year old Polish immigrant in Canada at an airport recently and now they taze a 22 year old 145 pro fighter in Cali. Free society my ass.

  • nem0 says:

    Re: “Amanda Buckner told to sex things up”

    That’s the weird thing when women get involved in anything with spectators. It’s okay for a dude not to have model-like good looks (as my friend Joe says, ugly dudes can be more tenacious scrappers, because they have nothing to protect or to lose), but if a chick doesn’t look like a ring girl with gloves, she has no place in the sport. See also the WNBA. Hell, most of the sports women are traditionally good at, like gymnastics and shit, add points for shit like grace and good hair and makeup. Except for stuff like snowboarding, where there’s so much gear between the viewer and the lady that nobody could tell if she looks like a dyke anyway. (And GOD FORBID she is a lesbian. Unless she’s hot and making out with other lesbians and turning on the guys. It’s only ok if she can be a sex object at the same time.)

    But it’s a pretty big cultural hurdle, and I don’t think MMA is big enough at this point to either voluntarily elbow their way into accepting not-model-attractive chicks to make a statement (like anyone outside the fandom cares), or to care enough to be bothered by catching flak from those of us who think it’s bullshit to make any changes.

    While I’m here, blah blah male gaze omg. Had to throw that in there to make my former professors happy.

  • danaunclefesterwhite says:

    Our society is just plain sexist. That’s why you see crap like this. In women’s sports, if the women aren’t attractive, the women and the women’s divisions aren’t popular. If the women are hot (ie. the tennis babes), then the female athletes and the competition they compete in is popular. That’s why female MMA isn’t taken seriously. Gina Carano didn’t make weight in her two EliteXC fights but Gary Shaw and the creepy $kala lets it slide because the young male audience gets their dick wet over her. MMA in general emphasizes marketability over sport (boxing too but to a lesser extent) but EliteXC’s women’s MMA takes it to another level. Well except for PRIDE and K-1 where freak show fights are quite common.

  • asa says:

    Oh snap! Not only is the BE article gone, that snippet is gone from the original interview. Did Showtime make with the threats?

  • Atom says:

    RE: women in mma (and sports in general) I’ve never given womens sports a chance, and I don’t really plan on it, especially not mma. I don’t consider myself sexist, but every sport that both men and women compete in, the men will always be faster and stronger, which IN MY OPINION translates into more entertaining. Watching womens mma just seems like becoming a fan of minor league sports. Why not watch the best?
    And yeah, hot women get guys attention. Most fight fans are men. Don’t expect prettier female fighters to stop getting preferential treatment anytime soon.

  • Roxy says:

    I read Amanda Buckner’s interview and …yeah….

  • asa says:

    Showtime asked to pull it.

    So i just wanted to send a quick comment about this whole thing. I got a call from showtime’s PR office for writing this and they asked that I pull the article. Because they state that the comments are simply not true and no one from showtime has spoken to amanda. Again this is showtimes statement not mine.

  • G. Gordeau says:

    Does anyone else find it funny Fight Opinion shut off their comments? Zach Arnold has spent the last two years dishing out non-stop snark and sarcasm and now he can’t handle the fact his commenters have gotten snarky and sarcastic.

  • hbdale309 says:

    where’s the buckner link?

  • EliteXC is trying to kill the buckner story, they say they never said anything like that

  • hbdale309 says:


    Buckner isn’t a lesbian, so I wonder why she pretends to be one. If I were a lesbian I would be pretty offended. Kind of like how gay guys hate metrosexuals. I just made that up.

  • fightergirlfan says:

    Actually, she’s bi. Her myspace page says so.