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Daily Wrapup for January 17th

There’s just way too much MMA news going on nowadays for me to be able to cover it all for you guys. Truth be told, most of the news out there ain’t worth more than a sentence or two anyways, so that’s what I’m going to give them from now on. This way you can stay up to date with what’s going on without having to do a whole bunch of that ‘reading’ bullshit. So lets hit it!

GSP hates Matt Serra
You know you’re a fucking dickhead if Georges St Pierre doesn’t like you. The long and short of this is Serra called Georges a ‘fucking frenchy’, which to a french kid from St Isadore is a pretty big deal. We Canadians generally hate our french people, and while we don’t use firehoses on them or anything, they do have something of a right to be upset when called names.

Cage Force adds fights
Roxy’s friend (and therefore our friend) Antonio Carvalho was added to the Featherweight Cage Force tournament on April 5th in Japan. There’s three other fighters listed for the tournament but I don’t know them so who cares.

Kung Fu won’t be in the Olympics
While Japan got Judo in and Koreans got Taekwondo in, the Chinese are once again given a big fuck you as the Olympics have denied a bid to include ‘wushu’ for the Beijing games. This is a sad day for everyone as this basically guarantees Jet Li and Jackie Chan will never win medals.

UFC Betting Odds
Big surprise, everyone’s siding with BJ and Gonzaga. If you wanna make money on this card, bet on Wedum, Liaudin, and Eklund. They’re all listed way worse than they should be, so it’s a good opportunity to make some money off stupid bookies.

Dan Henderson’s defacto suicide note
Dan once again says he WANTS to be in Anderson Silva’s clinch. That’s ‘his home’. Also funny is Dan defending the 185 division and then not being able to think up the names of any worthy opponents other than Anderson.

Tony Robbins is a miracle worker
I don’t know how I missed Hong Man Choi’s American counterpart Tony Robbins at UFc79, but apparently he was in Chuck’s corner for the Wanderlei fight. Not only did he help Chuck win the fight, but he’s also got Chuck back into his whore party zone. Kudos!

Carano to fight again in March?
Following up on the idea that Gina and EliteXC aren’t getting along, Gary Shaw tried to paint a rosy picture and suggested she might be back in March once all the promo stuff for American Gladiators dies down. I’m wondering how long till some real MMA fan manages to ask her some MMA related questions about her career, because I don’t trust Shaw further than I can throw his fat ass.

Isn’t Youtube ALREADY Fighttube?
My only hope is that this new MMA video service is hosted in Cameroon and therefore can host all my questionably legal Fightlinker videos.

Is MMA a reflection on society?
Luke tries to debunk the idea that MMA is only flourishing in America because our society’s morals are going to shit. While I agree that real fans care more about skill and excitement than brutal violence, I’d say that the majority of society doesn’t understand what MMA is really about. Since they still just see it as human cockfighting, and they’re okay with that happening, it does kinda prove that society’s morals are going to shit.

Brock’s strategy revealed
Brock Lesnar has a mini-article where he reveals his plan to punch Mir in the face on his feet and then punch Mir in the face on the ground. He thinks his size should keep Mir from submitting him … anyone want to lend him a collection of Royce Gracie fights to see if that concept holds water?

BJ Penn wants Sean Sherk
Everyone’s calling BJ Penn a hypocrite for saying he wouldn’t fight Sherk if he was found guilty of using steroids, and now saying he will fight Sherk. I’m just sad he didn’t get more milage on the whole “Sherk is a fucking juicer” antics, because it amused me to no end.

Nick Diaz back in April
In response to the “Where’s Nick Diaz” questions, Gary Shaw said he’ll probably show up on EliteXC’s next Hawaii card at the end of April. Does Hawaii test for pot? No? Oh, well that’s convenient. Let’s also hope that Nick Diaz is finally fixed up, because all that staph shit and scar tissue crap was really cramping his style. One more shitty performance, and I’m gonna start using him as an example of a pothead with wasted potential.

  • ilostmydog says:

    Is it worse to be called a ‘fucking frenchy’ or ‘un fucking anglo.’ God I loved the East Island….

    And seriously, why is TKD an olympic sport anyways? It’s basically point sparring between two people who don’t care to throw anything but flying spin kicks. It’s absurd.

  • Lifer says:

    ‘come fight bj penn without steroids. how about that?’

    3rd person megalomania at its finest. best interview.

  • DannyP72 says:

    Oh no Anderson will dominate Dan in the clinch. It’s not like like Anderson has poor wrestling and Dan’s an olympic wrestler. That won’t factor into the fight at all. Nope. Dan should trade on the outside with Anderson as that’s a much better strategy.

    Oh also Liaudin is the good underdog bet. Penn and Gonzaga are big favourites for a good reason

  • Xavier says:

    If Penn ends up fighting Sherk, you can bet your ass that he’ll end up doing a ton of “Sherk is a fucking juicer” antics… and it will be hilarious because Sherk is a fucking juicer, really.

  • Dan is spouting anti-propaganda. Word from in TQ is that he has been in a good Muay Thai clinch recently and didn’t like it one bit.

    The Cage Force 135lb (bantamweight) tourney will rock, my friend Paul McVeigh is fighting in it. He is Europe’s best 135lb. Reckon he will be in the WEC in no time

  • Pontus says:

    With Cageforce holding 135 and 145 tourneys have they said anything about trying to get the champs contracts in the WEC after its done?
    Like they did with Yoshida when he won the 170 tourney.

  • Archivist says:

    Indeed, the french/english hate in this country is still very much alive today and Serra comes across as crassly ignorant if all he could muster up was a poor stereotype like that (an inexact one at that, too).

  • Mobb Deep says:

    Do wrestlers throw atomic knees at each other when clinching in the olympics?

  • Pontus, as far as I’m aware thats always been the case, it’s a road to the States for the majority of the winners, should they choose to go. Dan Hardy wasn’t going to go had he won against Yoshida though, as he felt it wasn’t the best thing for him. Understandable, the UFC WW div is stacked. Far better to go to EliteXC or WEC and rack up more wins and go in later for a higher purse. Gurantgee Yoshida will be on 3 +3 to start or similar.

  • Tommy says:

    Joe Calzaghe vs Bernard Hopkins 4/12/08

  • AJB says:

    I love how in the Chuck Liddell video, his posse of bitches sounds like a bunch of horses as they clip-clop down the street. Kills me.

  • Jemaleddin says:

    Okay, if GSP is really that big of a crybaby about being called French (Hello, he’s French! Is he ashamed of it? No? Then it’s not a fucking insult!) then I’m completely right about him being a total fucking baby.

    And it looked like Serra was only getting on him because all the ‘reasons/excuses’ were being used to say that he didn’t deserve to be champ, both by the press and by GSP. Can you imagine winning the belt, then having to listen to a bunch of reporters coming to you with questions like, “So how do you feel winning the belt when GSP was an emotional cripple and you just got a lucky punch in?” I’d tell that French guy to fuck himself too.

    I know everybody else is gonna suck GSP’s cock and say that Serra is the bad guy, but what kind of pussy gets upset about being called by their own ethnic group? GSP needs to grow the fuck up.

  • Michaelthebox says:

    I’m about as far from a frenchie as people go, and even I think Jemal is a tool.

  • Jemaleddin says:

    Also, I like that noted steroid enthusiast Brock Lesnar is training at the same gym as noted steroid enthusiast Sean Sherk. I guess we know what his recipe for success will be: 2 parts hard work and 1 part horse-testosterone injected in his ass!

    And Dan is gonna get destroyed if he tries to clinch with Silva. Those 3 inches of height Dan is giving up are gonna make those knees land just that much harder in his face. Let’s get Gomi back to fight BJ again, and convince Fedor to stop being a pussy and all the Pride belts can be taken by the UFC.

  • i think it goes deeper … remember that the Gracies ditched GSP on Serra’s bequest. THat’d piss the fuck outta me too

  • Jemaleddin says:

    Dude, that’s just playing smart against a guy with a track record of losing because of his feelings. (“I couldn’t make eye contact with Matt Hughes.”) I’d call the power company and have his lights turned off, spread a rumor that his mom was hooker and sign him up for a subscription to NAMBLA if I was fighting GSP. Hell, I’d report his car stolen when I knew he was on the way to the airport and nail his hotel door shut the morning of the fight if I had to fight a guy that much bigger and stronger than me.

    If this war of words continues, expect GSP to show up at the fight in Montreal with a box of Kleenex, puffy eyes and a life coach trying to convince him that he’s good enough, smart enough and people like him.

  • ABM!2! says:

    What’s so strange about Henderson saying he wants to be in the clinch? He WILL take Anderson down with no difficulty whatsoever from that position.

  • Wu Tang says:

    Alot of news!!! yet you guys didnt do a nice recap..This site is goin down….. Come on low blow!

    Oww, BJ is goin to rape all your babies and eat your moms!

  • Jemaleddin says:

    @ABM!2!: Hendo is going to take Silva down with his head tied up between Silva’s arms while he’s eating knees to the face? Really? What’s the strategy, biting his knees?

  • suspiria says:

    fightlinker could u elaborate a bit more.what do u mean the Gracie’s ditched GSP?they didn’t want to train him?pffft doesn’t look like he needed those freaks.

  • Accomando says:

    “…we don’t use firehoses on them or anything,..”

    The real question is, do you sick your german shepherds on them when they peacefully march through town?

    Also, loved the quick-hit stories, seems more hillarious that way.

  • Renzo Gracie used to be GSP’s JJ teacher, but Matt Serra asked Renzo to stop training GSP after that shit went down with GSP saying he wasn’t on his game that night. Since Serra and Renzo are tight, Renzo agreed and gave GSP the boot

  • koolpaw says:

    Dan and wrestling based MMA fighters(old r.A.W and team Quest) have strong weapon in the position u call “Muay-Thai clinch”(we call it Kubi-zumo), short upper-cut. Especially Dan`s one has been famous since old Rings K.O.K.

    So u cant say Silva will be comfortable in that clinch. The Spider`s knee or Hendo`s fist, Big WAR.


  • Jeremy (not that Jeremy) says:

    “And I thank you for bringing me here
    For showing me home
    For singing these tears
    Finally Ive found that I belong here”

  • Wu Tang says:

    Renzo rarely teaches his classes anymore. He only teaches browns and blacks about 2 times per week. When GSP left, i think he was a purple belt. Which meant that one of Renzo black belts was teaching GSP’s classes (not totally sure but i can check on this). Plus Renzo wouldnt kick anyone out unless it was due to some shananegans…. Serra is Renzo’s first American blackbelt, its like Serra is Renzo’s son in the US. SO yea, they are tight, very tight.. And serra is a fucken god on the ground.

  • Jemaleddin says:

    I thought it was Cesar Gracie for some reason, or am I thinking of a different trainer/fighter spat?

  • Swedish guy says:

    I like these quick hits. Lots of info in not so much text. Great!

  • Stellar53 says:

    IMO, it is spelled mileage….any how Sherk is a fucking super Juicer

  • kentyman says:

    As much as I like to see Anderson Silva dominate, I think people give him too much credit. Yes, he destroyed Rich Franklin, but most of us agree that Rich was overrated. UFC’s Middleweight division has sucked for a long time, and Rich was able to capitalize on that.

    To pretend that a two-time Greco Roman Olympian is scared of the clinch is pretty funny to me. I hope Henderson ends up being a huge underdog, ’cause if so I could make some money.

  • AJB says:

    Holy shit, Depeche Mode reference from Jeremy. Now I’ve seen it all on this site.

  • Man thanks for the plug on the I have gotten a million hits today on it. Their real site isnt up since they are switching servers, but the new site should be up in Febraury. The demo is up now.

  • No problem, feel free to update us in the forums etc on it as it gets along