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Daily Wrapup February 6th 2008

(an oldie but a goodie: Clay Guida +Vodka + Breasts = Victory???)

UFC “loves” Arlovski
Here’s where the UFC denies that anything is wrong and that everything is great between them and Andrei Arlovski. On a related note, the UFC also says don’t mind those bruises, Andrei just ran into a door. Again. He’s so clumsy.

Okami disses Sylvia
Sylvia never gets any love, and now he’s being criticized by Yushin Okami for having no heart. Tim could say “Okami is boring”, but that’d be way too pot calling kettle black. And really, what else can Tim say about Okami? Well played, Yushin. Well played.

Kid Yamamoto’s cheating kicks ruled ‘Okay’
Even though those kicks Kid Yamamoto threw were totally illegal, his win was upheld because ‘they didn’t contribute to Rani Yahya’s loss’. Translation: Rani was losing one way or another anyways, so who cares?

Roxy Modafferi on Laura D’Auguste
Here’s an interview with Roxy Modafferi where she tries to draw Laura D’Auguste out of blissful marriage pseudo-retirement in order to extract revenge. I’d say Roxy should move on and start calling out Shayna Baszler, the only chick to ever finish Roxy off.

Tito Ortiz on Howard Stern
Tito’s back doing what he does best: not fighting. Here he tags along with his girlfriend to Howard Stern’s show and gets off a couple tame trash talk points at Dana White’s expense. Example: “Dana’s just like Don King except Don King is black.” Oooh very astute Tito! Don King IS black!

Mir wants to be on the next Ultimate Fighter
If the thought of Frank Mir and Tim Sylvia as coaches on TUF doesn’t terrify you, then you’ve been reading too much Kevin Iole.

Mark Hunt signs with HUSTLE
Sometimes I just shake my head and wonder what is up with the world when fighters like Mark Hunt end up having to pro wrestle for a living. Breaks my fucking heart.

Leben vs Sakara on the main card
Man, if you’d told me last year that Diego Sanchez was gonna be facing some unknown Swede on an undercard while Chris Leben would be on the televised portion of the card, I’d have told you to fuck off back to Liarland. But that’s what’s happening now.

  • steve24 says:

    They need to bump Kongo vs. Herring and Okami vs. Tanner to the under card and televise Kos and Diego. Sorry FL, i know your a Tanner fan, but you will be there Live probably.

  • Wu Tang says:

    Caveman learning the ways of las vegas….. Prostitutes, Vodka and pineapple juice? A caveman needs his vice, i guess building a foundation for his training revovles around those 3 (cardio= prostitue, strength/retard power=vodka, juice=.. protein?).. oww that photo looks sur-real profesional, i guess there isa market for our clay guida!

    Nice daily there FL.. If you go to the link for the Okami blog, it seems that the posts there has ‘fight linker-esq’ style of responces all over it, with alittle sherdog smack talk on a poor girls’ blog.

    WHOA, Mir and Mainiac being coaches on TUF, WHOAA!!! I can smell the ratings score, esp with the least beloved Syliva… All Mir has to do is bring his hot wire and ratings soar, while Sylvia.. yea.. What can he do to bring ratings up? Cry? Naw. Poop in pants? Ewww, hell now. Steal Mir’s wire? Yep there you go, WWF style, i smell ratings! Oww lets look at our stealer of girls Main-Iac (from his teammates) deals with dating! Player Pimp Sylvia is a killer with girls! Esp this one :)

  • Roxy says:

    …hey, you know, Shayna WAS the only person in an MMA fight to submit me.

    What the hell. Now I’m mad!

    I just got an email from someone telling me they heard from a reliable source that Laura DID retire.

    Roxy is not pleased.

    And that stupid blog entry of Okami’s pissed me the hell off, too. Me and Tony and other guys in Japan have been trying to interview him and other Japanese fighters, and make them more well known and liked, and then he shoots himself in the foot making comments about Americans and other stuff. I’m American….

    Well, he’s like that. I’m sure he was kidding. but gah >_

  • kentyman says:

    You won’t like me when I’m… “not pleased”!

  • ilostmydog says:

    Justice has been served and KID Yam has been vindicated. I mean, you could totally tell that ref was going to stop the fight after he dropped Hani Hahaha with that punch. He just has reeeeeaaaaaaaalllllyyyyy slow reaction times and waited about 4-5 seconds (and two soccer kicks) before even moving towards KID.

    Gotta love protecting your stars.

  • But Roxy, did you read the original Japanese? Perhaps something got ‘lost in translation’. Okami doesn’t seem like the smack talking kinda guy

  • RoB says:

    “Tito’s back doing what he does best: not fighting.” where you at stellar? admit it. its true

  • True that : kopped that line from the forums. See, the community is all just a big scam to harvest your funnies

  • MJC_123 says:

    You got your Canadia UFC tickets sorted yet linker?
    You gonna be cageside next to the celebs?

  • Jemaleddin says:

    I like the bit on Howard Stern where Jenna talks about not being a lesbian any more because, “He’s good at the same things women are.” Taking a beating? Getting fisted? Begging for his life as he cowers on the floor awash in his own sweat and blood?

    Sorry – they just had Chuck vs. Tito on UFC Unleashed last night and it’s coloring my perceptions.

  • koolpaw says:

    >Perhaps something got ‘lost in translation’. Okami doesn’t seem like the smack talking kinda guy

    fightlinker, u got it right. and of course Roxy knows it i bet. Still she must be unhappy to see that translation to English missing Okami`s twisted humor in Japanese. That blogger translates a lot of Japanese articles, but those tend to be “well done automatic translation”. Good for news headlines but Not suitable for artcles of someones`s thoughts, I have to say.

    The best way to solve this kind of problems is…

    LEARN JAPANESE ehhhhhhhhhh!!!!

  • Accomando says:

    That Guida Vodka pic is awesome.

  • Roxy says:

    Yeah, I know Okami was kidding. but still..

  • #1 jackal says:

    love the pic.

    i was watching some pride yesterday and watched the fedor/hunt fight. I was wondering what happened to him since pride sold out. I bet he will gain 75pounds of fat and will never be a good fighter again. But he will go down in history as one of the only fighters to almost submit fedor in the 1st. Tisk, Tisk, such talent going to waste.

    —-I hope leben goes to sleep

  • queero mcgayguy says:

    Actually according to his training partners Hunt is ready to fight at 265 or under and has been training constantly. K-1 tried to book him on NYE but he wanted too much money.