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Daily Wrapup February 11th 2008

(Luis Aguirre takes lots of mma-themed pictures of hot girls)

Igor Vovchanchyn says “Fuck Fighting”
You can take Igor Vovchanchyn off your list of fighters who’ll be fighting way past their prime. He’s officially done with MMA, admitting he often gets the urge to fight but those pesky steel plates and screws in his hand keep him from doing it.

M-1 is doomed before they’ve even started
Michael Rome does some basic math and comes to the conclusion that M1 is fucked even before they start. Of course, everyone knows you need to burn a huge pile of money before you’re ever going to start seeing returns. And while some people talk about M1 having ‘300 million dollars’ in financing, I’ll believe that when I see it.

More Japanese ring girls
I’ve been relying too much on Japanese ring girls for daily wrapup pictures, so I’m not going to use one of these pictures today. But this gallery is too good to pass up.

EliteXC lands Phil Baroni
So I guess Phil Baroni is fighting in Hawaii in March and not in Japan like everyone was originally thinking. Robbie Lawler gets the shaft on this one and loses his Icon belt (does that mean the EliteXC belt as well?) so Phil has a strap to compete for.

Kevin Randleman back in Japan
Kevin Randleman returns to Japan, where he’ll be free to juice up until more organs fail. No need for shenanigans involving animal urine for him!

Japan gearing up for spring MMA war
World Victory Road. K1. Zombie Pride. What’s going on, who’s going where. Who’s been fired, who’s been replaced. You wanna know in 5 minutes, here’s the article to read.

Xyience continues to go tits up
More bad news for Xyience as two of their CEOs have just jumped ship. These guys stuck around just long enough to set up golden parachutes. Nice. Also, there’s another sketchy Fertitta connection. This Xyience story just gets weirder and weirder.

Denis Kang fighting for K1 on March 15
Let’s see if Kang can bounce back from getting KTFO by Akiyama.

Winter kicks Patrick Cote’s ass
What a stereotypical Canadian story. Patrick Cote is off the UFC83 card because he slipped on a patch of ice and fucked his knee up.