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Daily Rubout March 8th 2008


Cage Rage’s Myspace page is just crawling with pics of their ring girls looking all naked and shit.

IFL’s Jay Larkin has brain cancer
Yup. Insert horribly inappropriate joke along the lines of ‘that’s what’s wrong with the heads of IFL execs’ here.

Full list of all the TUF contestants
Do you like reading lists of names of people you don’t even know? Then check out this list. It’s full of no-names!

Mystery FightOpinion Lawsuits 3000
There’s apparently a whole bunch of lawsuits against Zuffa and Matt Hughes going on. Wanna know what they’re about? Me too. Too bad this post doesn’t tell you. Boo-urns.

Melvin Guillard claims to have grown up
Everyone’s favorite retard said after his win this weekend that he’s done being a total assface. I’m gonna wait to see how he acts when he’s rematched with Rich Clementi before believing that.

Jarry Park is a drugged up fight babbler
Entertaining story about how the guy who runs Jarry Park is so obsessed with fighting, he was talking about Randy Couture and Kimbo Slice while drugged up for surgery.

Koscheck expects to be back in the UFC
Looks like Koscheck wants back into the UFC, and he’s positioned well to do it. He’s already got several big fights lined up against guys like Diego Sanchez and Matt Hughes. The UFC would be silly to let him go before he lost to those guys!

XTreme Couture fighters are dumb
Here’s pictures of XTreme Couture fighters pulling out their own stitches and gluing cuts on their heads shut. While that’s a good temporary solution, I’m sure it won’t seem so smart when someone elbows them and the cut just rips open 5 times worse than before.

More solid Japan events coming up!
News out of Japan today has included more dates for DEEP, World Victory Road, and SHOOTO. As I’m finally watching enough events to actually recognize some of the fighters on these cards, I’m fucking hyped.

Jose Luis Castillo is a retard
Imagine if Travis Lutter missed weight for his fight against Rich Franklin. Even then he’d still be a lot less stupid that Jose Castillo, who missed weight AGAIN for his fight against Timothy Bradley. The fight was supposed to be at 140. The closest Castillo got was 147.5. Bravo!