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Daily Rubout March 6th 2008

The Fertittas are now billionaires
My favorite part of all this is that it reminds people that the first place the Fertittas ran was a bingo hall.

EliteXC / CBS deal is confusing
Adam Swift tries to dig through all the paperwork on the EliteXC / CBS tv deal to figure out what the terms of the deal are. The answer: No one’s really sure.

Aleks Emelianenko fighting for someone in April
Fedor’s little brother will be fighting at an event April 3rd in Russia. While right now lip service is being paid to this being an M-1 Global event, I seriously doubt that’s the case.

Xyience has a buyer lined up
Looks like some big consolidation company has come in and offered to buy Xyience for over 15 million dollars. The funny part? All but 200k of that money goes right into Zuffa’s pocket.

Kevin Randleman back in Japan
I swear, the Japanese will continue to book Kevin Randleman until the day his entire body explodes in some crazy steroid related incident.

Gilbert Melendez off DREAM, on Strikeforce
Citing his desire to defend his Strikeforce belt, Gilbert Melendez has pulled out of the DREAM lightweight tournament. I guess after the Riggs incident, Strikeforce realized letting him participate wasn’t such a hot idea.

Buzz Berry almost killed by a cold
Here’s an interesting one. I thought only the elderly died from colds.