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Daily Rubout March 5th 2008

 This is only the top half of a great shot of Arianny Celeste. Go check out the full thing!

The wrong Shamrock
I don’t know what’s worse: that EliteXC posted a picture of the wrong Shamrock in it’s promo material for this weekend’s Cage Rage show, or that the person taking the screenshot of the incident had to google how to do it first (top right, google search).

Diego Sanchez wants Josh Koscheck
Now that Diego Sanchez is feeling more manly after defeating some dude, he wants another shot at Josh Koscheck. It’s too bad that their first match was so terrible it might keep a second from happening. I really think with the way these two fought on the last card, a rematch would be much, much better.

World Victory Road results
Pretty much every fight went as expected … me and Jake will be watching the show Friday and creating a bunch of Mystery Fightlinker Theatre out of the matches.

Mark Coleman to get beat up at least twice
Looks like the Brock Lesnar deal wasn’t a one fight affair: Coleman has signed a four fight deal. There’s a guarantee in the deal of at least 2 fights happening, before the humanity of watching him get beaten up overwhelms everyone and the UFC cancels the remainder of the contract.

Fat fuck calls out Fedor
Jeez, calling out Fedor is so 2006. Don’t they know Kimbo is the new guy to call out? The IFL is perpetually behind the times.