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Daily Rubout March 4th 2008

Andrei Arlovski’s girlfriend was interviewed on Jarry Park yesterday, and jackal Hattori Hanzo was nice enough to hook me up with her pictures from Playboy. Which are obviously NSFW. Which makes them awesome.

Quinton Jackson lands Nike Commercial
Looks like Rampage is gonna be in a Nike commercial alongside some other athletes. Let’s hope his part doesn’t amount to all of a half second like the last MMA dude who was in a Nike commercial, Randy Couture. Also worth a laugh is Rampage’s trainer Ibarra saying “Yeah, being UFC champ helped a little in making this happen”.

Chuck Liddell would rock at heavyweight
No, he’s not moving up. But it would rock if he did. It’s getting pretty fucking stupid that the UFC is having a hard time finding a marketable fight with the Iceman half the time he fights. At heavyweight, they’d never have that issue. Chuck would be climbing his way up from the bottom, and every fight would be a ‘challenge’. Although I can’t think of many heavyweights dangerous enough to actually challenge him.

Watch Kim Couture get beat up
Here’s the video of the Kim Couture smoker care of CagePotato. She does pretty well in the first round, then gets smacked around for the next two. Consider this a nice whetting of your appetite for when she competes in her first real MMA fight soon.

IFL about to announce another meaningless partnership
They gotta take whoever’s responsible for landing partnerships and put that person to work on getting ticket sales up. Because no matter how impressive the partnerships, they ain’t gonna keep things afloat with the shitty attendance the IFL seems cursed with. The IFL sold just over 1600 tickets to their opening show. I sometimes wonder if whoever’s in charge of promotion is TRYING to be terrible at it.

Cyborg replaces Riggs against Villasenor
I’m sure Hardcore Championship Fighting thought they were being all hardcore when they dropped Evangelista Cyborg Santos from their card over his Sengoku fight. But now it looks like Santos is the one laughing: he’ll be replacing the old and busted Joe Riggs on the next Strikeforce card.

Alan Belcher vs Jason Day at UFC83
Jason Day’s finally getting his shot in the UFC, replacing Patrick Cote who (for real) hurt his knee falling on ice. How very Canadian. Day has wins over Jonathan Goulet and David Loiseau, although the Crow win was recent and not back when the Crow was good.

  • godzillad says:

    If I ever meet Corey Devalla I’m gonna ask him what the capital of Thailand is. I’m so disappointed I wont see Riggs fight live on the 29th because of him.

  • “Quinton Jackson lands Nike Commercial”
    Is this really more awesome what Arloski’s headblade commercial?

    “Chuck Liddell would rock at heavyweight”
    It worked for Randy, it might work for chuck. As long as he doesn’t retire and get taken to court by the UFC.

    “IFL about to announce another meaningless partnership” I’m done with the IFL, they’re dead to me. I did have a good time at their Conneticut show at the Mohegan Sun but that might have been the beer.

    “…Patrick Cote who (for real) hurt his knee falling on ice. How very Canadian.” Would be interesting to see some statistics on injury due to ice in Canadia

  • I love Devela because of his totally sweet dance moves.

    Re: ice. More than terrorists, that’s for fucking sure. But no ‘War on Ice’ yet.

  • godzillad says:

    P.S. That is a totally BITCHIN’ va jay jay that girl has. Arlovski is free to be as boring as he wants because he already wins at life for scoring that.

  • i dunno, she’s got a lazy eye and lopsided boob. Add in a pegleg and she’d be a triple threat

  • godzillad says:

    You ever hate when people do that? Totally ruin a chic by pointing out flaw(s): ”Yeah, that chics hot!” – ”She would be if it wasn’t for _____” – ”SHIT”.

  • I apologize … on a realistic level I know that I wreck her shit if she gave me half a chance. But on the grand scale of babedom she’s just got a couple of weirdo things goin on with her shit. That wouldn’t stop me from marrying her and having babies with her tho 😉

  • Lifer says:

    they botched her breasts. i watched a frontline special on the sex trade and she looks like one of the women stolen from former russia and put to work having sex with many turkish men. not really impressed with her or fake titties in general.

  • haha shes pretty fake, but ina very hot way

    that kim couture fight is sooo cute :p

  • Lifer says:

    playboy also airbrushes the fuck out of everything to the point that it looks like CGI.

  • kentyman says:

    Every time Kim Couture got hit, her head flapped back like an overused Pez dispenser.

  • anyone notice Fat Gina in the background of the post-fight interview?