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Daily Rubout March 3rd 2008

For all you newbs here from the whole Luke Cummo coffee enema fiasco, this is the Daily Rubout. It’s basically all the important news from the day I don’t really give a shit about enough to write a real post on. Plus boobies! Everyone wins. Except girls. They get exploited. Above is Daisy De La Hoya, Oscar’s niece. She’s stirring up some controversy with her latest batch of pictures.

Bob Sapp makes 100k
Bob Sapp should be taken as proof that you get paid what you draw, not how well you fight. There’s a sweet spot somewhere in the middle where good fighters get paid well, but they should never complain that freakshows like Sapp and Brock Lesnar are getting paid more. Because we loves us some freakshows.

Nick Diaz added to March 29th Strikeforce card
Nick was originally slated to fight the amusingly named Muhsin Corbbrey at an Icon show near the end of April. Now he’s fighting on the Shamrock-Le card against an unnamed opponent. That blows my theory out of the water that they were keeping him in Hawaii to avoid another potential pot suspension.

UFC82 Bonuses were paid out
Silva vs Hendo got fight and sub of the night, while Chris Leben somehow beat out Josh Koscheck for KO of the night. Does the fact that Koscheck isn’t under contract any more have to do with that? My tinfoil hat is tingling!

Who’s next for Anderson Silva?
Seems like everyone has come to the same conclusion: Yushin Okami is the last guy Silva has to beat before he’s cleaned out the division. Then what the fuck are we supposed to do???

Dana White still offering fights to Randy Couture
In what seems more like a legal move to drive a point home than an act of honest good will, Dana White has offered Randy Couture the Big Nog fight again.

  • Zuffa has some great lawyers. Liked the Okami Knockout for KO of the night then again UFC hates Japanese fighters

  • I’d say it’s because Okami KO’d our hopes and dreams :-( Was a pretty sweet knockout too and god knows they should encourage him to do that kinda shit more often.

  • Yea the UFC does have 200 billion guys under contract and even though Okami is a tactician (boring) he was still resigned. Dude finally gets an exciting finish and they give the bonus to Chris “unskilled brawler” Leban.
    What I really am waiting for is for a Japanese fighter to come into the UFC and demolish people. Not only destroy but do it with a smug attitude. Maybe spit in fans faces or smack a referee or two. During his entrance steal a fans beer and drink on the way to the ring and then molest the ring girls. After he wins he doesn’t answer anything just stares at Joe Rogan with contempt in his eyes.

  • We need jet li


    Fuck, The One was the best American Jet Li film ever

  • MacDaddy says:

    According to the eschatology of my new church of Anderson Silva, after the Anderson knees Okami into sweet darkness in the 2nd round he will ascend to heaven surrounded by angels garbed as ring girls and wearing a championship belt made of solid gold. Not that tin crap the UFC throws around.

  • garth says:

    Hell no, after the Spider mops up the UFC’s MW div, it’s time for the freakshows! “How many midgets can Anderson Silva fight?” Put ’em in a dispenser that the crowd activates by text message (standard rates apply). Anderson Silva picks a wife on reality TV by fighting their current boyfriends. And the woman have to fight one or more midgets depending on viewer response via text message. “The Spider’s Web”, where Silva pops up randomly and punches people. Maybe Silva could be like a random “multiball”, where if like Joe Rogan says the magic word, he runs in on a fight in progress, and the two fighters have to try and drive him off while lights flash and sirens wail to complete their own battle. OOOOH, “Man VS. Machine”, where Anderson fights a cannon (my money’s on Silva).

    Just a few thoughts off the top of my head!

  • ukiro says:

    Garth, you are the future of reality TV. Seriously, that’s Japanese cable level of genius right there.

  • Captain says:

    Man, I’ve studied that pic and I don’t see any bald vj. I don’t see what the fuss is all about or what those bloggers are seeing that I’m not. Kind of worries me. I don’t think I’ve forgotten what it looks like but maybe.

  • garth says:

    my HEP C alarm clangs annoyingly in my ear when i see that nasty skank. I watched “rock of love” once and shat blood for a week.