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Daily Ruobut Feb 28rd 2008

UFC and Spike od voting shit
HYeah i dont trust htese fuckers they’re probably so stupd they want youy to vote fucking RONALD REGAGN. Nothingbugt on2 big tax wirteoff. Don’t givfe them the satifscatcion, just take a big poo on election dat.

ti o ortiz is happy
the bigg winer in CBS leiteXC deal of cours is TITO ORTIZ wh is totalyl going to be like yeah i’m gona be on network tv bitches. try to stop me dana i shit in your face

ufc gets slopyt senconds
well look like UFC is tryting to get a date for the prom. it’s FOX TV which would bve good likew 10 uyeats ago when FOX rocked but now they just FASCISTS