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Daily Rubout Feb 27th 2008

(yay, bikinis! This pic and half the other rubout pics courtesy of MMA Fight Girls)

Mayweather getting 20 million for Wrestlemania?
Yeah, why the hell is everyone swallowing this 20 million dollar figure that’s being thrown around? Pro Wrestling is one big performance, with the paycheck being part of the show. While I don’t doubt Mayweather is getting a stupid amount of cash for his participation, I seriously doubt he’s getting twenty million.

DREAM locks up half their LW tournament
So far, so good. Solid matchups for half the bracket, which guarantees that DREAM 1 will be a great night for fights. Now let’s just hope that HDNet manages to acquire the rights to broadcast it.

Why Strikeforce sucked
Sam Cupitt breaks down point by point why Strikeforce sucked and who failed to perform. It’s a pretty good autopsy on the event.

De La Hoya planning to come out of retirement so he can retire again
Why does this sound like less of a fighter’s plan than a business plan? What? Because it IS a business plan? Lame.

EA Sports considering it’s own MMA game
With THQ releasing it’s UFC game next year, EA Sports is considering getting in on the action just to be cocks about it. No word on what promotion they’d team up with, although EliteXC seems to have the biggest lineup with guys like Ken Shamrock and Kimbo that could make the game sell hot.

Showtime subscriptions jump 11%
Speaking of guys like Kimbo being draws, take a look at this: Showtime’s subscriptions jumped up 11% in the fourth quarter of 2007. Many people are pointing to EliteXC as the reason, although the reasoning thus far is “what else could it be?”

CroCop vs Mighty Mo?
Mighty Mo is now the big leader in the rumor race surrounding Mirko Crocop’s DREAM opponent. He’s not too bad of a choice considering his exposure in Japan due to his K1 career.

More proof of a CBS / ProElite deal
Sam Caplan points to a SEC filing showing that CBS recently increased it’s ownership stake in ProElite on February 25th. I’d say that’s some pretty good proof of a deal right there.

  • nicklovesmma says:

    the one on the left pls

  • Fightlinker is Wrong says:

    Well I must say the one on the left is the most attractive but she still gives off the impression she may have a penis.

    Ali Sonoma kinda looks like she wants to stab you sometimes.

  • JapanMMA says:

    Mighty Mo is fighting in K-1 April 13. Was just announced today… Have a feeling that takes him out of the Crocop fight… But this is Japan, you never know…

  • Lifer says:

    Yeah I was about to declare my love for the one on the left but she kinda looks like an extra from The L Word.

  • Tommy says:

    No way they put him in there with the one punch wonder. They don’t make a man Mo can’t ko with one punch, if he connects.

  • Beau says:

    Probably the main reason showtime subscriptions jumped is because they have the best original programming and debuted the second seasons of Dexter, Weeds, and Brotherhood as well as adding The Tudors and Californication. Nowe that HBO doesn’t have Sopranos their original programming pales in comparison. I know a ton of people who watch those shows and very few people who know what EliteXC is. I ordered showtime just for those shows, EliteXC was just a nice bonus.

  • Gaston says:

    The one on the left… who is she… can´t think… blood … rushing… to… penis