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Daily Rubout Feb 25th 2008

(World Victory Road has announced their ring girls, and they is good. More pics here and here)

Karo says he never ducked that fight he ducked
Once again Karo is saying that he didn’t duck Jon Fitch, he just asked for an easier fight. Jeez, people. Get it right!

“Natural Causes” are getting scary
The Canadian guy who died a few days ago while training died of ‘natural causes’. Because there’s nothing more natural than a healthy 20-something guy dropping dead for no reason.

Upcoming UFC Cards
UFC Daily’s got a good list of all the fights set up so far for the next few months. There’s a whole bunch of fights on there I missed hearing about somehow. Evans vs Silva? When the fuck did that get set up? I gotta stop doing drugs.

Jake O’Brien is a cocksucker
Well, I got to hand it to Jake, at least he’s honest about being a blanket.

Is the Kos on the way out?
Interesting theory here from Cage Potato that Josh Koscheck might be getting the dark match treatment en route to being tossed out of the org, same as Arlovski. The UFC would be pretty silly to let Koscheck go … he’s so easy to hate that he makes every fight that he’s in interesting, if only because you’re hoping his opponent smashes his skull open.

  • sonzai says:

    Evans/Silva has been rumoured, if not official, for a while now. Add one to UFC 84: Nakamura/Soko. I like Nakamura, but dude needs to cut sweets and head to MW.

  • Xavier says:

    Oddly enough, while the internet goes nuts over Arlovski, Couture and Ortiz, losing guys like Sanchez and Koscheck might… in the longer run at least, be worse for Zuffa.

    Good article from Cagepotato, have to start checking that site out from time to time if they’re going to focus on “little” things like that.

  • JapanMMA says:

    LOL, was wondering how long it would take before you posted the Sengoku girls! :)

  • Captain says:

    Karo just keeps getting worse and worse. He seemed like a dick when he came on TUF and had the “you don’t know who I think I am” attitude and now with all the title shot whining and the Fitch fiasco he keeps digging his hole and looking more and more like a douche. And If I remember correctly he’s the one who started the whole Fitch rumor when he came on InsideMMA said he didn’t want to fight him.

  • kentyman says:

    Wow. Sengoku girls. Wow.

  • garth says:

    whatever you do don’t do a search on any of the girl’s names. you might see and idol girl pic and go “hmm. i should see what other idol girls are online. I’m sure there’s some fair representation of them available.”
    oy vey.

  • Hattori Hanzo says:

    Karo does seem like a dick but getting fucked out of your title shot might make you a little cautious. Especially when it takes you two and a half years to get close again.

  • Xavier says:

    No doubt, people hating on Karo over wanting his original title shot are the real douchebags.