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Daily Rubout Feb 20th 2008

(Evan Tanner with Arianny and Rachelle at some clothing convention. They’re stayin’ classy, San Diego)

Yeah, we’re back and we changed the name! I can’t believe I’ve been slacking for like 5 days, that’s fucking nuts. Never again, my fair jackals. Never again. So lets get rolling and see what the fuck’s up in the world of MMA!

Wanderlei Silva considers moving down
I’ve been trying to figure out a way to say this without being all “nyeah nyeah I fucking told you so” but I can’t. So nyeah nyeah. I fucking told you so.

Jeremy Stephens vs Terry Etim @ UFC84
It’s always nice to see young kids doing well – the UFC did Jeremy Stephens a real disservice in the beginning by throwing him in the deep end with a life preserver made of lead. For his UFC debut he was put up against Din Thomas, who started fighting when Jeremy was 11. I’m also pretty sure the UFC didn’t expect him to beat Cole Miller, but Jeremy did good and kicked his ass. Now he’s fighting Terry Etim, so we’ll see if this kid is for real.

Lindland off to DREAM?
Denis Kang says Matt Lindland is going to sign with DREAM. I’d like to imagine Dana White gives a shit, but I know he doesn’t.

Paul Buentello wants to be relevant again
Seems like every heavyweight has-been wants a piece of Kimbo. Some are trying the “I’ve got no respect for you, we should fight” route (Ricco) while Paul is trying the “I like you, we should bang it’ll be fun LOL” angle. Of course, EliteXC is going for the “Easiest opponent with biggest bang for buck” fighter. So no way Kimbo will fight either of them

Tito Ortiz is making another shitty reality show
I don’t know if Tito really plans on making a reality show or he’s just fucking around trying to piss Dana White off by using as many UFC trademarked words as possible in his press release.