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Daily Rubout: The 20 Hottest MMA Girls

If you ignore the fact that this list completely forgets female fighters (aka the ones with talent who work hard) and the fact that their #1 choice is uber-suspicious (who really knows who Adree DeSanti is?), then this list of the ‘Top 20 Hotties in MMA’ is pretty decent. Personally, I find most of them to be overdone, overgreased, and a bit too vacant-eyed. Is it so wrong to expect a bit more intelligence glimmering in a person’s eyes than you’d get from Terri Schiavo?

As usual, the holy trinity of ring girls (Rachelle Leah, Ali Sonoma and Arianny Celeste) are the best of the bunch, with the IFL’s Holly Kishere getting honorable mention from me for pulling off a nice balance of ‘girl next door’ and ‘girl i wanna bone’.