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Cyborg Santos is released by Strikeforce. The other Cyborg Santos.

When Zuffa took over Strikeforce, one of the exciting possibilities everyone looked forward to was seeing their favorite fighters on the roster (only half joking there) on a far more regular basis. Strikeforce had a bad rep for kinda forgetting about half the guys on their roster. But surely the days of fighters complaining about no fights are over with Sean Shelby taking over matchmaking duties, right? Eh, not so much. Here’s Evangelista ‘Cyborg’ Santos, aka the original and now only true Cyborg Santos now that he and Cris are divorced:

“I resigned, quit Strikefroce because I signed a six-fight two-year contract. They gave me two fights and it’s been a year I haven’t fought. I can’t live like this, spending a year on the ‘fridge’. There’re events all over the world. People who know me know I like to be active. Since September 2011 I haven’t fought. I can’t do it. Together with my manager, Rudimar (Fedrigo), I’ve sent a letter asking for Strikeforce to release me and they did.”

Jeez, Strikeforce. That’s lame, even considering the slower event schedule. There’s no mistaking Cyborg for anything but a journeyman, but he’s a pretty entertaining journeyman. All the smaller promotions are very aware of this – he’s like a bargain bin Wanderlei Silva. All the violence at a fraction of the cost! You want a big scary dude who’s going to try and pummel his opponents to death? Call Cyborg. So he’ll be fine outside of Strikeforce. It’s just strange that the promotion would ignore guys like him while booking unknown Challenger hold-overs against each other.