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Cyborg has a doctor’s note for her ongoing hugeness

When the UFC officially gets its women’s division rockin n’ rollin, the bantamweight class will likely be the ladies’ only choice at first, and for good reason.  The vast majority of female fighters can make 135 lbs or less, and Strikeforce’s featherweight class was really just Cris Santos plus whoever else had the ovaries to jump weight to get mauled by her.  Even over at Invicta FC, featherweight pretty much consists of only Julia Budd.

Cyborg is nearing the end of her one-year steroid suspension, and regardless of whether it happens in Strikeforce or the UFC, the question remains whether she’ll return to her old stomping grounds and try to goad Ronda Rousey to meet her there, or drop weight to challenge Ronda’s belt.  Ronda’s already nixed the first option, and the utter lack of opponents at featherweight would seem to make it an obvious decision.  But fuck all that noise, because Cyborg is sticking to her ridiculously jacked guns:

Members of Cris Cyborg’s camp confirmed to on Tuesday that she visited with her heart doctor and was told that a cut to 135lbs would just not be safe based on her personal physical health. Her cardiologist stated emphatically that he would not sign off on a move down a weight class based on her current health.

The dangers to her body could also prohibit Santos from carrying a child later in life, and according to her camp, that was a risk the former Strikeforce champion was unwilling to make for any fight.

Presumably, “her current health” isn’t referring to any lack thereof, but rather Cyborg’s sheer size.  Never mind that most doctors probably aren’t keen on weight-cutting in general (or fighting at all, for that matter).  If she’s still as densely muscled as before, then yeah, cutting to bantamweight might be ill-advised.  But I have to think that she could easily afford to lose 10 lbs of beef, and simply getting off the juice should make that happen quite readily.  Either that or go be Invicta’s featherweight champ, cause that’s just as good as the UFC, right?