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Cutting through the crap on the Chael Sonnen steroid stuff

There’s so much information floating around about Chael Sonnen’s positive steroid test that it’s kinda hard to make heads or tails of what’s going on right now. A lot of speculation, opinions, and assumptions are being given even by the bigger blog boys and mainstream media, so rather than just link to all that here’s some facts presented in Q&A format for easy fiber-rich digestion:

What did Sonnen test positive for?
At this point the only thing the CSAC has reliably told anyone (that ‘natural steroid’ thing from yesterday was a mis-statement) is that Chael’s piss tests – both the A and B samples – showed unnaturally high levels of testosterone. Testing doesn’t always turn up traces of steroids … sometimes it just finds the results of steroid usage – in this case, more testosterone than a human could possibly have naturally.

There’s two big unanswered questions right now that need to be addressed before we can really start tearing into this situation: were there any steroid metabolites present in Chael’s wee-wee to go along with those elevated testosterone levels? And how elevated is elevated?

Until we know the testosterone levels, we won’t really be able to tell if the rumors of cold or flu medicine playing a role are viable. An off the chart reading also lowers the chances (but doesn’t completely rule out) that oral supplements were the cause of a positive test. In short, past the presence of actual juice, Chael’s testosterone level is the most important thing we need to find out more about right now.

Did Chael tell the CSAC *before* the Silva fight that he was juicing?
Word has come out that Chael Sonnen told the CSAC during the UFC 117 pre-event screening that he had taken ‘something.’ Whether that something was is still kinda unclear because the CSAC guys ‘don’t remember’. Josh Gross reports that Sonnen listed ‘testosterone’ on his pre-fight screening form.

Has Chael denied the charges?
Chael’s manager has come out and said that Chael will be appealing, and Chael himself will be making an appearance on ESPN’s MMA Live later this week. I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised. This is a guy who tries to give a speech when the camera pans over him in a crowd during an event. And he’s also a guy who denied his twitter was his twitter and denied making comments he was literally recorded making. Still, he’s already one step ahead of Shane Carwin, who just decided to say nothing.

  • Jim says:

    CSAC ‘don’t remember’? These are the fucking idiots ruining the sport. Biggest fight of the year ruined over this idiotic bullshit. Don’t suppose the media could demand a little accountability from these clowns.

  • Omomatta says:

    Three big questions Ryan….#3 How the fuck could the CSAC let the fight go on if Sonnen admitted that he would piss dirty? What the fuck is up with that shit? That’s like the commission allowing Sonnen to take a fucking gun into a knife fight. I don’t care if Silva is Silva or not….someone needs to investigate that shit.

  • agentsmith says:

    WatchKalibRun made an interesting point: the CSAC has caught a disproportionately high number of fighters for PEDs. So does that mean they’re more stringent than other commissions, or that their testing is flawed and they’re getting false positives?

  • GonzoDamon says:

    I’d like to point out that it’s not that they’re flawed and getting more false positives. They overhauled their entire system to make sure they get it right. The sample goes through initial testing at their facility. If anything shows up, they send it to the OLYMPICS DOPING FACILITY for testing. Right now, the Olympic testing is the most accurate and thorough testing on the planet.

    Sonnen tested positive for unnaturally elevated levels of testosterone. This we know. The story is just being developed about whether he may have been prescribed something by a doctor and let the commission know ahead of time. This would change the outlook, but if it was a banned substance, it wouldn’t matter that he was prescribed it. You simply cannot have a banned substance in your system come fight day.

  • dawgbone says:

    Don’t have time for facts, I need to sharpen these pitchforks and light these torches!

  • Bleach says:

    Hopefully this doesn’t affect his mouth. -no homo

  • agentsmith says:

    Confirmed: Sonnen is officially suspended for one year. He has 30 days to appeal (good luck with that).

  • frickshun says:

    I just bit into a terrible peach & threw it out. Then I ate a mediocre pear. Luckily, I had some good strawberries to wash away the bad produce memories…..

    I hate steroid talk. WTF is the point?? The future of the sport is in GROWTH HORMONES!! They’re passing them out like candy to all the fighters in the WEC. Once the WEC gets folded into the UFC, those fighters will migrate to LHW & heavyweight!! You heard it here 1st.

  • mamoru says:

    Instead of hiring a serious lawyer and constructing a serious case (sherk, had to serve the full suspension), he should just show up punch drunk and yell shit in the commissioners faces, maybe even threaten violence (toney, got his suspension cut in half).