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Cut throat business tactics, redux

In a move that shouldn’t surprise anyone but somehow still manages to surprise everyone, the UFC is working hard to put a free event on Spike on July 19th … the same day as Affliction’s first event. While the UFC is known for counter-programming specials or episodes of Unleashed against other promoters’ events, this is the first time in a while they’ve pulled out the heavy guns and actually planned an event specifically to crush the opposition.

While this certainly sucks for Affliction, the short term outlook for fans is good: more free MMA … and good MMA. Right now they’re talking about Wanderlei Silva vs Brandon Vera or something similar to headline the card, which means they understand they need to pull off a pretty sweet card to keep people from tuning in to Affliction. It’s worth noting the UFC is only doing this as a killbot response to perceived danger. Competition is an inherently good thing – if it wasn’t for competition we’d probably seeing a lot more shitty New Jersey style fight cards being put together.

So yeah, on one hand I’m pretty happy that we’re getting a bonus event in July, but that doesn’t really offset the fact that the UFC is trying to crush their opposition and maintain a virtual monopoly on the fight scene. Of course, everyone could always put their money where their mouths are and still buy the Affliction PPV. But I’m betting most average fans will watch the prelims on free TV and then change the channel to Spike. Well played, UFC. You guys are magnificant bastards.

  • Zurich says:

    Unless of course the July 19 date was just a red herring for Affliction all along, and the real event was always planned for July 26 or something like that. That would be brilliant.

  • islandguy says:

    Just TiVo ’em both. Who cares?

  • cyph says:

    Even hardcore fans would hard pressed not to watch the UFC for free while downloading..uh, I mean, watch Affliction later.

  • Method says:

    I don’t care what the card looks like. I’m watching Fedor fight a real opponent LIVE for the first time in years. No way am I tuning away from that. I’ll TIVO the UFC

  • Hattori Hanzo says:

    DVR UFC watchin affliction live

  • KhrisKiller says:

    Affliction live for sure! UFC on the PVR.

  • godzillad says:

    They need to do Wand vs Soko and Machida vs Vera as title eliminators.

    They can build hard on Soko calling out Shogun, and say that Wand will defend him since he’s out with the bum knee.

    I don’t think Machida can stick and move on a guy that’s 6’4 with Tim Sylvia’s reach.

    Win-win no matter what outcome though.

  • MrNiceGuyMMA says:

    So Fightlinker if you owned the UFC you would just let the competition steamroll you? LOL

  • el feo XIII says:

    “DVR UFC watchin affliction live”

    Me too. I’ll prob drink a little less than I did at UFC 76 tho.

  • Tommy says:

    Just good damn business. Silva headlines and Affliction loses 100,000 ppv buys.

  • ajadoniz says:

    good 2 b a an mma fan now.