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Cung Le is officially out of his league

Here’s some advice, Cung: when it takes you three rounds to put away a no-name TUF washout, don’t follow up by challenging the World’s Most Dangerous Shamrock:

Then, after Cung Le’s third round TKO over Sammy Morgan, Shamrock came out and both he and Le addressed the live crowd. Le issued a challenge and Shamrock accepted.

While Le vs. Shamrock appears certain to happen in ’08, It’s uncertain as to when the match might take place. Shamrock could potentially face Santiago and has also expressed an interest in fighting Renzo Gracie in a rematch following their controversial EliteXC bout last February. There have also been rumors that Le could end up fighting Phil Baroni in either February or March, although the rumors have yet to be addressed by Strikeforce.

It really doesn’t matter if it’s gonna be Shamrock or Baroni … either way Cung Le is en route to a beating. I’m not saying that Le is a bad fighter, but how any fighter can go from fighting relative scrubs like Jason Von Flue and Sam Morgan to top tier fighters is beyond me. That would be like me going from dating Kirsten Dunst to Gisele Bündchen … and while I pulled that off, I just don’t think Cung can. Because he’s just not as awesome as me. Fucking A!

  • Teflon says:

    Pretty appalling that a 170lb, completely gassed, no technique fighter who was a 1 week replacement has been his toughest (or should I say TUFfest) fight yet.

  • Ted Dibaise says:

    kirsten dunst would not be the equivlent to a TUF fighter.

    we’re talking about a christina ricci type here.

  • TINO says:

    It was amazing how he could not finish that fight. It seemed he could do what he wanted until they got in close, slow dancing like quarters and then it was like “what the hell do I do now?”

    Shamrock…”The fans love you, the fans love me…” that cracked me up. Cung Le should a pulled a David Lee Roth to Eddie Van Halen, “This isn’t about you, it’s about me.”

    The whole talk about the challenge thing in the center of the ring was a little too WWE for me.

  • Thomas says:

    If Cung was good at submissions he would have ended the fight. He had alot of nice takedowns. He took way too long to take out Morgan. Baroni knocks Cung out

  • Kid Nate says:

    Cung Le’s biggest problem is he won’t admit he should be fighting at 170 and cut some weight. Dude is way too small to be fighting at 185 — a division where most walk around at 199 (F. Shamrock, Evan Tanner, Matt Lindland, Murilo Bustamante) and some walk around at 210 (Rich Franklin, Anderson Silva) etc.
    Cung Le is no bigger than Joe Lauzon and Lauzon is fighting at 155. Cut the weight dude!
    He also needs to learn subs and ground control but that’s a minor problem in comparison.

  • MysticNinjaJay says:

    Every top 10 Middleweight has gone to decision against a fighter below Morgan’s level. Morgan was a last minute replacement for Kazuo Misaki who has beaten Phil Baroni, Denis Kang and Dan Henderson. Does the distance of the fight entail any weakness in Cung Le’s game? He destroyed the guy and sent him to the hospital from that liver kick. Cung has a good chance against Frank, I base this on their fighting styles. It’s not always who you’ve beaten but how you beat them and Cung has looked damn impressive. He has also pummeled Frank in sparring so he is a threat in a future match.

  • ylfrepus says:

    Did anyone here actually watch any of his fights? If you had, you will notice Cung dictated the fight. Yes, he could have finished the fights faster. It’s quite apparent he likes to put on a show. From his san shou background he fights for points (Strikes and Takedowns), for damage over inflicted over time, and for the fans in his hometown. After he satisfies his need for the above, he finishes them. I will concede Baroni and Shamrock are seasoned veterans of MMA, and will not be easy for anyone. I’m saying Le is a great fighter, but he needs to be tested by someone of a higher caliber – just stop the hate’n! Give the guy a chance to prove it.