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Culinary Union wins ruling against Station Casinos

The Fertitta Bros. just lost the latest round in their ongoing slugfest with the Culinary Union, as the National Labor Relations Board ruled on Tuesday that Station Casinos committed a shitload of federal labor law violations in their attempts to cock-block the union.

A three-member panel of the NLRB issued an order rejecting an appeal by Station and upholding the bulk of the findings of an administrative law judge, who in September 2011 found there had been 82 violations arising from events mostly in 2010.

The board ordered Station to offer to rehire two employees the board says were unlawfully fired for their union activities and to pay them back pay, though records show both workers have already been rehired.

The company was also ordered to make whole another worker for her loss of work opportunities due to her union activities and to remove from its files any reference to “unlawful discipline” imposed on two more employees.

The company was also told to post notices saying it will not fire or discriminate against workers for supporting the Culinary Union; and that it will not engage in other specific conduct.

Examples of the conduct documented in the ruling included Station managers adopting a “discriminatory” rule barring employees from engaging in union activities in the parking garage at Santa Fe Station, directing Red Rock Resort employees not to wear union buttons and ordering Palace Station workers not to discuss “issues of common concern” at preshift meetings.

Other incidents involved a Fiesta Henderson supervisor following a worker during her shift, which was described as “surveillance,” and barring her from speaking to co-workers after she started wearing a union button.

Additional incidents involved “coercive interrogations and other unlawful statements,” “adverse employment actions” and “discriminatory discipline” involving union supporters.

In another incident, Station threatened employees with “Sound Byte Alerts” involving anti-union information that urged them not to sign cards supportive of the union and that lacked context, resulting in employees feeling threatened by the company.

The fight’s not over yet, as Station is considering whether to appeal to a federal court, though I’m not sure what the point would be, since this is basically just an order to stop fucking with union supporters.  It definitely seems Station crossed the line, though they claim the union has been strong-arming folks too, which frankly wouldn’t surprise me either.  The union has thus far failed to organize Station employees and still needs to actually win a vote, and of course the two sides disagree on exactly how that vote should go down.  I just want it to happen soon so that regardless of the outcome the union will hopefully quit fucking with the UFC.