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Culinary Union offers up stupid fighter ‘Bill of Rights’

(Women are 3/5ths the fighters that men are. Wait, what???)

The UFC’s great buddies over at the Culinary Union are still trying to mess with the sport of MMA, and while they claim it’s all for the benefit of the poor struggling fighters, it’s really just shady union hardball because UFC brass own non-union casinos in Vegas. Don’t pretend you give a sh*t about the sport when you’re also trying to keep it banned in New York, you c*nts. That’s why even if they were advocating that every fighter gets an extra 10k and a special lolly pop every time they fight, I’d still be looking at the offer a bit askance wonder what the angle is this time. Because 99.99% of the time that angle is “Screw Dana White.”

The Union presented a fighter ‘bill of rights’ to the Nevada State Athletic Commission on Wednesday. Here’s some of the more interesting ones:

2. Right to work. This would allow fighters to sign non-exclusive contracts and would prohibit contracts from automatically renewing. Champions’ clauses, which keep champs attached to their contract as long as they hold the belt, would be a thing of the past.

4. Free market of sponsorships. This would not just allow fighters to get whoever they would like to sponsor them, but would also let them say no to their promotion’s sponsor. In other words, Brock Lesnar could chug a Coors and Carlos Condit could have walked away from a Harley-Davidson if he wanted to pursue a sponsorship with Honda.

9. Right to fair fights. The UFC’s matchmaking system generally provides fair and evenly matched bouts, but things get murky on subjects like who deserves a title fight. Timing often decides title matches as much as an independent ranking system. This right would call for a transparent ranking of fighters.

10. Professionalism. From the union: “You have the right to be treated with common courtesy and professional respect by other fighters and by promoters and managers. For mixed martial arts to become a mainstream sport accepted by the general public, participants in the sport must act in accordance with commonly accepted standards of courtesy, decency and respect in their public interactions with one another and in their interactions with the public.”

The thing that pisses me off about this isn’t that all of the suggestions from the Culinary Union are bad, it’s that they’re trying to armchair general the future of the sport. What right do they have to come in and make any kind of suggestions about how the sport is run? What is their expertise in the field of MMA? Their raging hate-boner against Zuffa? Does that really qualify them to put forward sweeping regulations that turn the entire sport onto it’s head?

A lot of the stuff they suggest is right out of the ‘How boxing was ruined’ playbook too. Non-exclusive contracts are just nuts in today’s business environment and would take a sport that can already be frustratingly fragmented and shatter it further into a million more little pieces. And who determines what the ‘right to a fair fight’ entails? Some bogus sanctioning bodies like in boxing? No thank you.

MMA may not be perfect, but taking these pie in the sky suggestions and trying to force them via policy into reality would be a complete disaster for the sport. Please, Culinary Union. How about you butt out of our sport and stick to whatever it is you do when you’re not constantly harassing the UFC?