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Culinary Union digs up dirt on UFC on FOX fighters

The Culinary Union is at it again, sending out an angry letter over FOX’s inclusion of fighters with criminal charges against them on this weekend’s card. Jeremy Stephens is amongst the targeted fighters, for reasons we’re already aware of. This stuff about Abel Trujillo, on the other hand…

Abel Nazario Trujillo, another cage fighter scheduled to compete on the UFC fight card on Dec. 8th in Seattle, has twice pleaded guilty to Domestic Abuse Assault Causing Bodily Injury, an aggravated misdemeanor. In both cases, the victim was identified as the mother of his child. In May 2007, Trujillo also pleaded guilty to Obstruction of an Emergency Communication. In the plea agreement, Trujillo acknowledged that the crime required the State to prove that his alleged assault victim was making a 911 call, Trujillo knew that she was making a 911 call, and Trujillo hung up the phone. Trujillo competes under the nickname “Killa.”

Eugh, pretty gross. Every time information like this comes up it forces us to ask how shitty a person has to be before we decide he’s too shitty to fight in major league MMA. Dan McGuane was the most recent person put on those scales and regardless of the sad violin solo Ben Fowlkes played for him, the scene rejected him pretty unanimously. Brett Rogers was involved in similar charges as Trujillo and while he still has a job (for now), he’s not about to win a fan favorite award any time soon.

That’s my plan for Trujillo – I will tolerate his inclusion in the UFC, but I’m certainly not a fan. He won’t get any press from this site and I’ll actively root against him in every fight he’s in. Should he be removed from the card or fired? I dunno. If every athlete that’s been involved in a violent altercation was barred from their sport, you’d lose a lot of guys from a lot of leagues. Should the UFC be held up to some unparalleled standard because the Culinary Union demands it of them? Those dickfaces don’t give a shit about the sport’s purity, they just try to stick it to Zuffa every chance they get because of a labor dispute with the Fertitta’s Station Casinos.