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Cuban’s thing is good for the sport, meh for the fan

Okay, this is the last word on this, I promise. The past few days have been nothing but Cubans and deaf guys and British people. I miss the days of lesbians, robots, and Evan Tanner.

Like a kid finding his Christmas presents in his parent’s closet a week before Christmas, we kind of ruined the whole Mark Cuban MMA thing. While other kids danced with visions of sugarplums and Fedor vs Barnett dancing in their heads, we already knew last night that the ‘main event’ for Cuban’s first show was Paulson vs Ford.

Overall, we did pretty damned good at predicting everything with Cuban. He’s basically throwing shows in the arena he owns for the TV channel he owns. He’s not going overboard financially … he’s starting small and seeing where that goes. And hey, in a lot of ways that’s a good idea. After Fedor vs Barnett, there’s really nowhere to go but down. And considering the lineup for their first show, there’s really nowhere to go but up.

But let’s get to the point: No matter how tame the first offering, Cuban’s foray into MMA is good for the sport. Past his own show on October 14th, he’s planning on featuring 24 full fledged MMA events on his HDNet Fight Night program through 2008. Some of the names he mentioned were the IFO (Steele Cage), Art of War, and even the IFL.

24 shows is pretty significant, and that’s a lot of money and exposure for other promotion companies and fighters that they wouldn’t otherwise get. So while Cuban’s events may not set the world on fire, the framework that Cuban is building is going to help other MMA companies get off the ground and out of the Pay-Per-View trap they’ve been stuck in for years and years. It will also give non-UFC fighters an avenue to gain some real exposure and earn some decent cash.

Overall, Cuban’s deal is great for the sport, even if it makes us hardcore fans yawn.

  • Thomas says:

    Overall I think is good that Mark Cuban getting involved with mma.
    1: Gives the sport more exposure
    2: Another non-Zuffa controlled place for fighters to go
    3: LIke the Dallas Maverics, if his HDNet team start losing in the ratings Cuban might go out and sign the best MMA free agents

    What worries me is his plans of a potential deal with WWE.

    ewwww I don’t want none of that icky pro wrestling touching my mma

  • I don’t want WWE in there but i wouldn’t mind seeing Rich Franklin take a chair to the face

  • Just when I think Meh can’t be used in a post title.

    “I don’t want WWE in there but i wouldn’t mind seeing Rich Franklin take a chair to the face”

    I could see a WWE vs. MMA sort of matchup going down sometime.

  • Xavier says:

    If you follow Basketball at all, you end up realizing how much of an overblown ‘tard Mark Cuban is.

    This is a guy that is going on Dancing with the Stars, this is a guy that puts himself out there over his players on the Mavericks, this is a guy that meddles in every single basketball related decision Donnie Nelson makes. This is a guy that sued Don Nelson for, in simple terms, exploiting his “knowledge” of the Mavericks to have them beat in the first round. He’s a jackass, a whiny, baby wah-wah jackass. Almost sold the Mavericks when they lost the finals because he’s so paranoid that he thinks the NBA has it out for him.

    He makes Dana White look like Captain Humble Jones of the Armed Forces of Modest.

    And don’t even get me started on the idea of him and McMahon working together. Caligula and Nero’s re-animated corpses would make better business partners.

  • Wow, that sounds awesome

  • garth says:

    i just finished my run of “Xavier pwnzorz” t-shirts, if anyone want to order a couple

  • garth says:

    also, as an aside…i’ve never even HEARD of HDNET. i was surprised as hell that i got “Ion”, whatever the hell that embarrassing pile of “judge judy” reruns that is, and “MyNetworkTV” remains a mystery to me. I have digital cable with about seventy gamilliion channels and i get bupkis for this crap. is it satellite only or something?
    until they figure out a way for me to get on teh internetz without getting anywhere near a fucking DSL line, i’m sticking with cable.

  • Cyrus says:

    Whatever. It’s nice for ol’ Uncle Fester (Dana White) to have some serious competition. This could be good, good, good for the sport. I’m hoping it pans out. A lot of people are tired of the fucking Carnegie style bullshit Dana’s pulling.

  • Xavier says:

    I have digital cable and I get both Ion and MyNetworkTV. MyNetworkTV is “free to air”, meaning that “some” areas have households that get it even if they don’t have Cable or Satellite TV service.

    Think like the WB/UPN amalgamation but with even shittier reception and stations.

  • el feo says:

    i just ordered hdnet. And i don’t even have an hd tv, yet. Cuban is a great owner. He treats his Mavs players well and i love seeing him give david stern what for.
    i don’t see how this is anything but good for the hardcore fan. Of course some of the fights i’ve seen on hdnet thus far were crap but it’s to be expected.

  • Jeremy (not that Jeremy) says:

    I have FIOS TV and HDNet along with HDNet movies and UniversalHD are all part of the basic package as long as you have a receiver that can deal with them.

    There’s already been MMA on HDNet, so it’s not an expansion of visibility based on MMA being on HDNet, it’s visibility based on the Cuban factor, because he gets coverage both in the general sports media and in the business pages. Like him or not, the press loves the guy.