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Cuban and Mayweather are playing you

Big news of the morning is that Floyd Mayweather has been talking to Mark Cuban about getting into MMA. And by talking about it, I mean he is announcing it to the press and Mark Cuban is trying to turn it into a big platform to promote HDNet fights. Look, we all know that Mayweather getting into MMA has to be the dumbest thing we’ve ever heard. The guy’s got glass hands using boxing gloves, so just think about what would happen after one punch using MMA gloves. A single takedown would probably result in his shoulders and back disintegrating into a pile of dust.

So why the hell is he talking about this? Press. Mark Cuban gets press for HDNet fights, and Mayweather comes across to the average yokel as being willing to prove himself in MMA if only the money were ‘good enough’. Oh if only. People who are picking up on this story like there’s any kind of possibility or truth to it are morons, and they’ve swallowed the fake promotion hook, line, and sinker.

  • Xavier says:

    Clowns like Cuban are going to ruin MMA with this huckery.

    People are all excited over Cuban, but if you know anything about him from being an NBA fan, it’s that he’s too focused on lame promotions, has too large of an ego and is too much of a baby when things don’t go his way. He makes Dana White seem like Reggie White.

  • andres says:

    Hey that might me preety nice ta see his arms disintegrating I mean hahahha I predict first round stopage hahha

  • hankd says:

    Genius move by Cuban IMO…how many people that had never heard of HDNet Fights have at least seen the name now? Plenty…

    PBF will never make that move…

  • Foojita says:

    Mayweather only fights if the fight is winnable and he’s guaranteed a big pay day.

    MMA can’t offer that.

  • Shaun says:

    Cuban could use Mayweather as a stepping stone to legitimizing MMA. You use Mayweather’s ability to hype, and get him some likable opponent. Make it a ROCKY situation. Then the wrestler, goes in and drops the hammer on Mayweather. You tarnish boxing, and you promote MMA being a much more legitimate combat sport. Win freaking win.

  • Which is why mayweather would never do it. Even if he was serious about doing it, he wouldn’t last 3 months of training

  • dignan says:

    Good call.

  • matt (tapout name shitstain) says:

    Cuban can line up mayweather with some can and can still be a huge draw, but I still doubt it will happen.

  • Cyrus says:

    Fightlinker: glad we all can smell this bullshit from a million miles away. No way would a superfighter like Floyd take a chance on this kind of thing. UFC pulled the same shit with Sherk. The only thing is: why play this card now? He just got over a fight with Hatton! There’s no fucking fight to hype up for, and he’s not low on publicity right now. What a wierdo.

  • fightfan says:

    What a joke. This dude fights for 20-30 million a fight. Good play by Cuban though, getting some people to actually beleive it.

    That is why I like this site so much!!!!!! EVERY other site took the Mayweather /mma story and posted it their site, WITH A DIFFERENT TITLE, but basically almost word for word the same thing. Just like all the other mma sites do when big mma news hits the net…. They all race to see who can copy another’s story/info and get it out there ASAP.

    FIGHTLINKER aint skeered to say how it is!!!!!!!!

  • Ken says:

    A 30 million dollar armbar.

  • Matto says:

    Wonder how much Cuban slipped under the table to make Floyd go along with this crud?

  • operator says:

    Then when he is done with mma he is gonna join WWE. Yeah thats beleivable. Mark Cuban is a kook.

  • Jeremy (not that Jeremy) says:


    Absolutely right. MMA can’t afford Mayweather’s pricetag, and talking about Cuban making it is like talking about the IFL writing that check, well, except that Cuban’s check might not bounce. He’s just as unlikely to write it though, probably less likely.

  • Every since Mayweather first mentioned the UFC and MMA I have had the idea that he may be training to fight MMA in private. I wouldn’t place it beyond the thoughts of a lot of talented boxers. If he applied the same work ethic he applied to boxing to MMA for about 3 to 4 years before he had a match he could be a significant force. He would also have to face increasing levels of competition and not a superstar of MMA….

    Many of these guys could have careers after boxing…