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CSAC suspends Cabbage over contractual dispute

The main reasons athletic commissions exist is to protect the fighters … from themselves, each other, and from the promoters they fight for. But in this case we have the CSAC stepping into a contractual dispute between a promoter and fighter … and siding with the promotion.

Wesley “Cabbage” Correira, one of the great punching bag fighters from 5 years ago, refused to fight at the Valentine’s Day Massacre last weekend because the promoters never told him that half his contracted money would have to go to the CSAC to pay for medical testing. Now the CSAC has suspended Cabbage until he ‘fulfills his obligations’ to the promotion:

Correira, who was contracted for $4,000 to fight with a $2,000 win bonus, said the medical costs totaled half of his purse. The promotion said the tests ran closer to $1,600.

The fighter said he was informed by the commission at the event that he would be suspended if he didn’t compete.

“[The commission] asked me what happened, but they said I had signed a contract and it was between me and the promoter,” said Correira.

The fighter also claimed that he had agreed to take a lower-than-usual purse price because Wargods had agreed to use four of his teammates on the card as well. However, the promotion dropped the other Hawaiian fighters one by one as the fight date approached, said Correira.

That’s only the tip of the iceberg (do they use that expression in Hawaii? No-iceberg having motherfuckers) when it comes to Cabbage’s complaints about the promotion. I just find it interesting that the CSAC would step into such an obvious clusterfuck and suspend a fighter when it seems pretty clear that this is a business dispute that should at max be resolved in small claims court at maximum.

I’m trying to give the CSAC the benefit of the doubt here. Ever since El Doucho Maximo Armando Garcia left, I’ve been praying to the baby Jesus in his manger with various gifts of myrrh and frankincense that the CSAC was going to stop being a bunch of wankers. But everything from the $1600 fee to the license revocation seems like rape. Government regulated rape. Which really should only be happening in Darfur … well, it shouldn’t be happening anywhere, but you know what I mean.