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CSAC reveals new testing procedures

CSAC temp Bill Douglas has unveiled the state’s new drug testing procedures and they look a lot like the old procedures past a new drug lab and advanced testing to avoid supplement related false positives. Here’s the details:

Douglas said the commission has doubled its funding to separate the facilities used for steroid and drugs of abuse testing. The UCLA lab will now exclusively handle performance-enhancing drugs, while the CSAC’s current facility, Quest Diagnostics, will handle drugs of abuse.

Under the WADA lab, the new program will also take a fighter’s supplement usage into account during steroid testing. If, for instance, an athlete discloses on his pre-fight medical questionnaire that he has used a certain supplement, particularly a supplement known by WADA to have issues with steroid contamination, the lab will consider a “false positive” likely.

Personally, I have no idea why the CSAC is even bothering with drugs of abuse. If the shit doesn’t ENHANCE PERFORMANCE (and I’m sorry about all the capslock today but I’m feeling feisty) then why the fuck should you be testing for it? It’s this whole Big Brother mentality of ‘Well, we have this urine and we’re the government so why not test for everything?’ Fuck that shit. Hey, CSAC … leave that piss alone!

The biggest problem with all this is that there’s still nothing in place to randomly test fighters. Because let’s be honest here: half the fighters out there are still cycling off before getting tested and yep, still getting away with doing coke off their hot girlfriend’s titties too. So until the commission follows Neveda’s example and adds random spot checks to the books, this is all largely a waste of money. YOUR money, if you live in California.

Still, in the glass half full department, I can’t deny this is a positive step forward for the CSAC. Then again, could they really have stepped further back? The only way the CSAC’s steroid testing could have been more ridiculed is if some kind of TUF-level chicanery was revealed, like Armando Garcia putting Phil Baroni’s piss in Bill Douglas’ fruit platter.