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CSAC grants Josh Barnett stay of execution

NOT former UFC heavyweight champion Josh Barnett (and no, I don’t give a fuck that the win hasn’t been stripped) continues his personal crusade to clear his record of the positive steroids test that sunk his August fight against Fedor Emelyanenko. Here are the specifics:

LOS ANGELES –- Josh Barnett was granted a second extension Monday for an appeals hearing the fighter had requested after the California State Athletic Commission denied his re-licensure in late July due to a positive pre-test for an anabolic steroid. The new hearing will be held on Dec. 8.

CSAC Interim Executive Officer David T. Thornton informed the commission that Barnett’s attorney, Michael J. DiMaggio, contacted him last Friday to request the extension, as the law firm is still awaiting additional information from the UCLA laboratory that conducted Barnett’s tests.

Both of Barnett’s samples came back positive in the days leading up to the doomed Affliction: Trilogy card, so the crux of this hearing will be whether or not Barnett’s legal team can pull an OJ and call the facilities and personnel that processed the pee into question. The CSAC’s malfeasance has been well documented by Ryan on this here site, but two points: one, Barnett got caught with a designer steroid, the kind that one doesn’t find in over the counter supplements. And two, he already fucking tested positive for three different banned substances after the first biggest fight of his life against Randy Couture. Why that win stands is fucking beyond me.