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CSAC: Dangerously incompetent

When Armando Garcia left the California State Athletic Commission under a cloud of shame and disdain last year, a lot of people assumed that things would settle and the commission would stop sucking. And while second in command Bill Douglas has been doing a good job selling that angle, it really was silly to think that one person leaving the CSAC would magically cure the department of it’s longstanding tradition of sucking ass. Check out the latest scandal:

The promoter of a mixed martial arts card March 7 in Tulare, Calif., confirmed Friday that one of the competitors was allowed to fight despite testing positive for Hepatitis C and having no test results on file for HIV.

Al Joslin, who has promoted nine cards in California, said he learned of the situation about a week ago, when he was leaked a copy of a memo from the California State Athletic Commission. The commission is responsible for medical clearance of all MMA and boxing shows in the state.

The Times also received an electronic copy of the memo, and confirmed its authenticity with a source who has knowledge of the situation but was not authorized to speak publicly.

“I am aware of it, and I’m very troubled by it,” Joslin said. “I’m very concerned the commission never contacted us. When we found out, we hit the ceiling.

“So much is at stake here, for the fighters, for the people who clean up the blood in the ring afterward. For my wife [his partner in Pure Combat Promotions], who goes into the ring and occasionally hugs a fighter after a match.

“You care about these kids. You get fond of them.”

This isn’t the first time the CSAC has fucked this kind of thing up. But at least this time it was just Hep and not HIV. I’d say this kind of fuck up should result in the head of the CSAC resigning, but they still kinda sorta haven’t replaced the last guy who was forced to resign.