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CSAC continues to be teh ghey

I’m very impressed by the CSAC … it took them a lot of guts to act like they were actually going to do something about the Gilbert Yvel situation, but then totally fold like a lawn chair in the end. If you haven’t heard yet, here’s the news: Gilbert has been cleared to apply for a license, which basically means he’s hot to trot so long as karma continues to let me down by not inflicting nut, ass, and brain cancer on him.

I was really hoping that the CSAC was going to take a break from licensing fighters who have a wacky habit of illegally mauling their opponents in the cage. But I guess that’s too much to ask for in a commission. After all, their real purpose seems to be participating in pissing matches with fighters who decide they’re going to fight in Japan rather than sit out for a year over an extremely questionable drug suspension.

I don’t particularly disagree with them on the whole Antonio Silva ban thing … in order for drug suspensions to have teeth you need to make them extend past the area your commission oversees. But if you’re gonna license Vitor Belfort after he fought in the UK while under a suspension, how exactly can you throw the book at Bigfoot? Oh, it’s called hypocrisy? I thought so. Looks like the days of CSAC lameness are not quite behind us like we hoped.