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CSAC confirms ‘scale malfunction’ denies ‘shenanigans’

Not quite everything has been resolved from the Cris Cyborg / Hitomi Akano weigh-in situation. Yesterday we blogged about accusations that someone fucked with the scale while the room was emptied so Cyborg could get nekkid. Pre-naked weight: 150. Naked weight: 144. Recalibrated scale naked weight: 150. Hmmmmmm.

Five Ounces went Hmmmm too, and got in touch with the CSAC about the situation. Here’s what they were told:

When contacted by seeking clarification on the issue of whether or not Santos (or her representatives) had ever been left alone with the scale, CSAC Executive Officer Bill Douglas stated, “The scale malfunction occurred in the presence of CSAC. A weight drop of that magnitude is unheard of which is why the scale was re-calibrated and reflected the correct weight. A female CSAC staff member was present at all times because of the fact that Akanoand Santos were both going to provide steroid samples and a male staff member could not collect the sample.”

So let me get this straight. The scale worked fine the first time Cyborg stepped on it, then several minutes later she gets on it again and it’s out of whack the exact amount she needs to cut. But it was a completely coincidental ‘scale malfunction’? I still need to hear more details from all the parties involved but something smells funky here, and it’s not congealed menstrual flow.